Nigerians and blame game

We have every reason to be successful but only when we stop castigating or wasting our time judging other people, for example, the leaders, these people are not really our problems. They had dreams and followed it with much sacrifice and tears; these old men are still in power today because they can’t give upContinue reading “Nigerians and blame game”

Few Lessons from COVID-19

There is no disputing that this is a very challenging time for the entire world, we can’t deny the impact the coronavirus has had on us, disrupting not only our daily lives but having a massive impact on other aspects of life. But just like any other experience, there are certain lessons to be learntContinue reading “Few Lessons from COVID-19”

Letter to Mr President 

Your excellency, Muhammadu Buhari GCFR, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. First, this is a reminder to remember the promises you made since being elected as a democratic president. Never lose focus on building a lasting legacy. I understand how hard you try but you have to loosen up and leave some certain thingsContinue reading “Letter to Mr President “


      GOLDEN HEART You’ve always been there, you made me love you. You are my garden; I celebrate you today and forever, thank you so much for everything Mom. Mom, You thought me how to love people including my enemies; I remembered a day I called you on phone to complain and explainContinue reading “SHE RISKED EVERYTHING, MOTHER’S UNDYING LOVE”