The prophet who took me to a sorcerer: The pastor who wants me to be fraudulent

We are different

I met a prophet 2012 in Benin City who told me visions and promised to help solve my problems. I was overwhelmed about the prophecies, it made me desperate for solutions but that’s an unforgettable mistake.

This prophet is learned and versed in scriptures, I believed everything he told me and we met three times each week until one evening when he said get ready, I will take you somewhere to meet someone and know some things.

We went to a dark place, on getting there, I saw the unimaginable, a wizard. The
prophet looked at me and said, “Julius meet your namesake”. I smiled confusedly.

The first thing the sorcerer said to the prophet was, “don’t you see this boy is a target who has been exposed to danger?”
The prophet said, “yes, I already told him people are after his life and needs to wipe them out before it’s too late”. I was sitting there lost in their deep conversations, my namesake, the wizard turned to me and said “it is time you take your destiny by force else you will not move forward, do what must be done to get there” I nodded and we left.

On our way home, the prophet said to me “Julius there are some sacrifices you need to do, don’t be scared about the things you saw, it’s a compromised world, we had to seek powers elsewhere”. He told me that there are known men of God in the state who’re also involved. I bowed in shrines, did the sacrifices required by the sorcerer, waited for an unlocked change which never came, but there was a bigger plan coming.

One day, the prophet told me there was something else I needed to do, I have to “belong” for me to eat and drink with the elites. I didn’t quite understand the word ”BELONG” until he started mentioning pastors, prophets and important personalities of all walks of life who are also in the circle. I thought it was a joke until THE NIGHT came, I couldn’t do it and from that day I never stopped running, I hope you understand?



2019, after giving my life to Christ, I was battling with finance, I was too broke to even pay my rent but thank God for my brother Richard who never gave up on me, he helped me with my bills but I was not satisfied in my situation, I was contemplating going back to fraud.

To live an honest life in Europe is harder than you can ever imagine, I had to seek advice from someone I look up to as a spiritual mentor, a pastor of many years. I explained my plight to him then he said he would get back to me after communicating with God. Meanwhile, I’ve been praying and God is silent saying I should hold on.

My pastor came back and said the Holy Spirit told him I should go back to Istanbul and do fraud. I listened in shock and disbelief. He said God will open my doors through fraud and I will be so rich but I should not forget the church.
At that moment he lost my respect and trust, my spirit didn’t believe such a message.

Even if I was battling with my spiritual life, I knew the truth, all I ever wanted from him were words of encouragements to keep me believing God but he pushed me against the wall and I almost lost my soul because of these experiences.

Lessons: never you depend on men for true change in your life, do not believe everything, it’s a vicious circle and a deep world.

The sacrifice I did through the prophet hunted me for many years until I was completely delivered, the pastor was selfish and also a hypocrite who almost led me astray.

It is time to face your fear, ponder how you live your life, don’t be afraid of the unknown. let everything go but in all this its a lonely road.

People want to change everything and, at the same time, want it all to remain the same.
Paulo Coelho,

The priest turned his back on me in Turin. Wolves in sheep clothing will be judged.

Nigerians and blame game

We have every reason to be successful but only when we stop castigating or wasting our time judging other people, for example, the leaders, these people are not really our problems. They had dreams and followed it with much sacrifice and tears; these old men are still in power today because they can’t give up power to the younger generations who are not prepared for the tasks ahead, these leaders fear what may become of us when the power finally comes.

Unless we prove to them that yes, we are ready before they consider us the youth to take control, in an actual sense are we truly honest about leadership when materialism, secret society and tribalism is still affecting us even more than before? We are using technology in the wrong way, only a few get to the top because of commitment. This generation seems lost, knowledge is not enough, it is working against us. Self-discipline, morality is the only thing that can keep us going, let’s respect each other and let down your shields for love.

 I often disagree with the African youths who are blaming its government not because they are wrong, my problem or question for the youths, what have we done to change the situation of Africa? We can’t win the struggle by being indifferent or shouting on social media. Instagram or Snapchat won’t solve our sufferings, actions will. If the leaders governing us today depended on social media or acted the way we are acting now, they won’t be in the position they are today. The youths are drifting away into social competitions; we are losing touch with reality.

What moves have we made to let the government see how ready and united we are? We have failed to realise that politicians believe in actions than excess words, but they caged us with words because that’s what we wish to hear. Those old men see us as youths with no vision or wisdom to handle the mantle of leadership, we will remain in the dark except we rise and sing our national anthem louder in love.

Is it not yet time for the Nigerian youths in all six geo-political zones of the federation to rise in unity and match through all 36 states & Abuja to show the change? Let’s not side with any politician but judge all according to its merit. Is it not yet time for us to demand what’s rightfully ours? Can they ignore the cries of about 90 million youths?

The change will drastically come when we don’t just wake up thinking insulting or saying things on Social media will do the magic, but when we push aside religion, and tribalism then those in power will see the change, seriousness in us & pay close attention. Looting will reduce because we will monitor and sue criminals in government who misused his or her budget. It is time we use the law and action to fight for justice we so seek. Nigerian youths are smarter, don’t be afraid or coward.

I feel sad abroad when the white people call Africa youths fools; they say the leaders are not the problem, but it’s people; because we gave them the power to exploit us, they say we are afraid, so we scattered all over the world running from our problems. It is time we go back to the beginning and start all over than running in circles, it’s such a shame for us to suffer when we have everything in Africa to live better. Are they really wrong or are we scared of dying?

Violence failed us in the past, I never believed in violence but sees it as a setback, we are in a democracy, we must be active and seek justice legally, we are now in a new-age, let’s join hands together to strategize and use unity to fight for change. Think about your future, the journey will take time but surely worth trying, we might win by showing those leaders we are ready to make our world a better place for all to live in.

I don’t trust fighting through the back door, we should not use revolutionary language, instead be transparent, violence-free, no need to insults or disrespect the government. Disrespecting the old is not pure and will not solve the problems, that is a common law of life.

We should develop and seek the common good for everyone, especially the poor, orphans and less privileged, hiring Senior Advocate of Nigeria would help us fast track our grievances in courts. I know many are corrupt, but we will find some with integrity.

I believe in peaceful protest without political agendas and the government will get our message. They are not stupid but understand red-line. The United Nations (UN) or European Union (EU) will not solve Africa’s problems, no one will fight your battles or be your rescue, do not depend on a rescue, it might never come, let’s pay the price in unity and be free, we are the CHANGE.

Youths are the beauty of any country we should define our expectations without fear, we must be clear about every quest and transcend our struggle, It is important we follow this purpose in fairness and create a just society we aspire to live in, let’s grow, it begins with our thinking faculty.

Arise Nigerians! wake up, Africa.

Or are we cowards, as they claimed?

Everything is political. Be involved.



Asa: She’s magical. You captured my heart since 2007 after listening to Bibanke, jailer, and no one knows (they were my favourite songs in the album Asha) and Bed of Stone. Since then I paid close attention to all your songs. Coded with 528 Frequencies, draped with so much potential, it’s easy to relate with your songs, it has depth, a blend of powerful words and one can’t help but lose control in the melody of your voice. Listening to your songs is a beautiful experience.

Asa, you’re a gift to Africa and the World. I am grateful you followed your passion; I cried many times listening to you It took me out of the universe. I pray to meet you one day because I have a lot of questions to ask. You are unpredictable and the world knows. Your songs touch the soul, spirituality is high on your side so you stay away from many, and no one can fill your space. Africa is music and you’re the sound, not rushing after awards, always watching from far away even when you’re broken, I feel you; you knew the secrets, THE ORIGINAL.

Your music has depth and has a lot of influence on me and those who listen, the messages you send are so realistic. I have been writing to your manager Janet since 2015. Thank you, Asa, for changing part of me with your divine message and revelations, you are gifted and I wish you get the attention you deserve. Your songs can lead no one astray. People like you are rare. Congratulation on your Album (LUCID), I love it. 


Majek Fashek: His songs changed my perception about life; many of his messages came from the bible. They were pure songs. I advise you to believe Majek more than some wolves who call themselves men of God. I feel bad that I missed the opportunity to shake hands or take photos with him years ago when he came to a church in Benin City with Esama of Benin Kingdom. I would’ve cherished such a memory, I prayed for him to recover but life is a mystery and it’s unpredictable.

We should regard Majek in Nigeria and the World as a Prophet who saw the future and spoke of it, no matter what people say and appearance does not determine people’s heart or soul. His songs are like an ocean. He is a Legend. I believe God spoke through him many times. I categorize him like Marley, Lucky Dube and Fela, I pray he finds eternal rest. The Government should celebrate him. I was heartbroken early Tuesday morning 9:26 am when my brother Richard shouted “oh Majek Fashek is dead’’.

There was silence in my heart and I felt great sorrow on hearing this. I was more pained for not posting this article after writing it, which has been a long time ago, even if it’s not appreciated. I was waiting for a perfect time which never came so I had to re-edit. Majek songs live on; the only problem is Africans don’t appreciate sublime music and musicians. May his soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.


Jim Iyke: To be honest, the reason he became my number three was when everyone started saying I look like Jim. His bad-boy style made him more famous and someone asked me if I am not bad like him, I smiled and said reality’s different from what we see or hear on TV. They misunderstood his character. I believe Jim has a pleasant personality after I started listening to what he says now.

Change they say is a sure thing and I hope to meet him someday. After moving to Port Harcourt in 2008 to stay with my aunt, everywhere I go people call me Jim Iyke’s younger brother, I never stopped smiling and claiming some of his glories and I love his style. As years went by some also started calling me Kevin Hart when I travelled to Istanbul and I was wondering who I truly look like, Jim Iyke or Kevin Hart?


Rita Dominic: Your smiles are charming and admirable. I am not a movie person but I enjoy watching your movies, not because you were born on my birth month. I admire your humility and I notice you support your colleagues. I look forward to meeting you someday. You are my favourite actress in Africa and your fashion sense is amazing.


Brymo: I respect him so much he is so talented, but I think he hasn’t gotten the recognition he deserves. I know sometimes the best don’t shine, but it always lifts the few that hear from their sorrows. The world is strange because it doesn’t give a chance for positivity. If we can listen to his kind of music, we won’t be carried away, but the genuine ones are unknown.

Shine brighter, ASHIMI; you deserve many accolades. I pray to meet an Original like you one day. I borrowed a genuine message from J. Cole (The real been dying, the fake ones are lit, the Game is off-balance, money won’t erase the pain, money in your palm don’t make you real) shrinking reality.


Banky W: I am happy seeing you dedicate your time to politics. I know it’s your burning desire, and it’s a very positive move. Africa’s politics need to rearrange and elect unselfish minds like you who would work hard and bring change to its community, I pray you find your place. We should not be hiding away hoping the change will jump from the sky, am glad you woke up and made a change by chasing your political career and I admire your courage.

I hope the result in the last election doesn’t deter you; it shows there’s hope for Nigerian youths only if we are ready to try to not back down, we should never sit and expect things to be better when we don’t work. Do well as a politician. You have a humble spirit even as a musician. We need vibrant people in Nigeria politics, passionate about the country, and genuinely want to make a difference and push Nigeria forward. We should stop focusing on parties but individuals. Money should not be the priority but our conscience, stop the habit of collecting money from politicians during elections and expect a change. Let’s try to do a background check on people coming to govern us, we are not moving forward in Nigeria and Africa because of this mentality. I remember in 2015 during the presidential election, I and my friends in Benin voted for a political party even when we knew some were not good, I forced my best friend to vote for someone I wanted; I was biased and later regretted my actions.

I won’t make such a mistake in 2023, I will vote based on the individual and not party. We keep complaining about the corrupt government when we are to blame for the wrong choice we made. Let us accept young people like Banky into politics. He has a digital mindset. We have a long way to go except we change how we think. Mr Wellington I know you will win someday but please keep all your promises and I hope you never disappoint us when you get to power? Remain focus, bro.


M.I: He is one of the best rappers in Africa; you don’t brag, and that made you better. You’ve tried in the industry, still working hard and striving for more years. Bros M.I you don tey for the game, bigger and better you. I am thrilled for your positive vibes and fantastic lyrics. Thanks for always trying to live a responsible life; I also love your messages. You’re an intelligent guy, I respect and admire the Abaga’s, shout out to your brother Jesse jags. (Jehovah, One Naira, Nobody and Money are my favourite songs from you). You are the king of Rap, though time flies.

John Dumelo: I’ve always known what Dumelo sees for himself and for his country. I wish him good luck in his career, charity and political ambitions. Ghana needs his type of person in politics, someone who would understand the cries of the people. My prayer’s to meet you some day and talk about charity, let’s stand together and elects pure minds without greed, people who would invest in Africa. John, I know the journey won’t be simple as it seems, but you must keep pushing. God knows your intentions, you are a man of the people; I wish you well.

Nse Ikpe-Etim: You are intelligent and eloquent. I love your accent and personality.


2Face Idibia (King): Thank you for aborting the nationwide protest, at first I wrongly castigated you for not doing what you promised. Later I realized something deep. “BROS YOU GET SENSE”, they would have used you as a scapegoat and plot your downfall. We must protest for the common good, but not politically, the people were not honest, they wanted to change your honest protest for political gains.

I wrote more about it in my upcoming book. Thank God for having Ani as an adviser. Innocent Idibia, you’re a King who opened the way for the rest to follow. As a king make sure you let peace reign and remember the honest friendship from pure days, those you left are your genuine friends. You all made your decisions separating but do not forget to forgive, make peace and let go, remember your word, “NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, GROW HIGHER. I never forget “Plantashun Boiz – You and I”.

I wish you could be like Coldplay. No matter their differences, they stayed together, though I realized nothing truly stays the same. We say broken words on a silver platter. I miss the old days when we had loyal friends.


1. Runtown: Watch this guy closely.

2. Bisa Kdei is Ghanaian singer I admire his songs, it’s easy to relate to his message.  Grow bigger Bisa.

3. Basket Mouth: The funniest without exaggeration, keeping it simple. Bro, I love the flatmates, the entire crew are great, especially Buchi, Prosper, Titus, Mimi.

4. Eva: I admire your rap not because we are from the same state or my sister’s namesake, Elohor, but I get some of your messages, you are my best female rapper in Nigeria. Energy giver 11.

5. Yvonne Okoro: I am always melting watching your movies, I love your simplicity.

6* Adekunle Gold: You are a great messenger, so lucky for marrying your soul mate; I pray you and Simi grow old together.

7. Johnny Drille: you are good, please keep your style till the end and do not compromise.

8. Falz: Keep speaking for positive transformation in Nigeria, though I know it’s hard. Thank God you have a solid SAN as a father. I salute.


Thank you for reading till the end, but please don’t take it personally, we have brilliant actors and music stars in Africa, those on the list came became before the rest. My opinion, what’s yours?

Few Lessons from COVID-19

There is no disputing that this is a very challenging time for the entire world, we can’t deny the impact the coronavirus has had on us, disrupting not only our daily lives but having a massive impact on other aspects of life. But just like any other experience, there are certain lessons to be learnt from this pandemic and we shouldn’t ignore it.
Here are a few lessons I learnt

 The Coronavirus has really humbled humanity, it is a serious threat to the entire human race irrespective of religion, gender, social class or race and we can see humanity putting aside our differences and coming together to achieve one goal, I hope when all this is over we never forget this and spread unity to every aspect of mankind.
 It took the world unaware and made us understand that science is imperfect; it failed us for not being able to see nor prevent it, rather it questioned scientific knowledge, the wisdom of men is fallible, and it proves that only God reigns supreme, that is why I don’t trust science 100% but I trust in God who sees us is in our darkest days. (1 Corinthians 3:19) For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight. As it is written: “He catches the wise in their craftiness”.
 Now we can all agree that humans are social beings, look how difficult the social distancing is, we crave to be around people, to interact with people, hug them, shake hands and all other forms of social closeness, they say you don’t know what you have till you lose it, this situation has opened our eyes to the essence of the things we take for granted, so let’s not forget to be present at the moment, whenever we see ourselves in that family dinner, social function, dinner date, outing with loved ones or friends or whatever social event we find ourselves, no more distractions especially with social media but really being present at the moment.
 It’s so saddening the number of lives that have been lost during this period, there are people behind those numbers, someone’s mother, friend, father, husband or relative. Dreams have been cut short, plans thwarted, and hope dashed, people are grieving and are dealing with the heaviness that comes with losing a loved one, so if you are not among these group of people, I hope you are thankful and grateful, and really appreciate what you have. Let’s not forget to live with purpose because these people will give anything to have the life we are living now.
 We should also learn to take action fast, Countries like South Korea and Singapore that acted fast to implement the quarantine and screening measures recorded low numbers of infection but a Country like Italy was badly hit because of inadequacy to act fast, I hope we learn to act fast on those goals and dreams, so we don’t end up in regrets.

Starvation in Africa

 Let’s talk Africa, particularly my beloved Country Nigeria, as much as they are doing their best to fight this pandemic but it has also exposed the ill-treatment of their citizens. People are asked to stay at home to fight the pandemic, but there are a good number of people who don’t even have homes to stay in and nothing is done about them. A greater population Is wallowing in poverty and it gets worse because so many of them depend on wages, so many people are starving, prices of things have gone up and some youths have gone into robbery, now people are not only scared of the virus but they are scared of being robbed, these are scary times for many of them and the government needs to do more to curb these embarrassing plight the citizens have been faced with, they need to stop being selfish, there is a lockdown and food needs to be provided for those who don’t have less of the talk and more action, money has been disbursed but there is yet to be any commendable effort from the government.
I spoke with a friend in Delta State who told me of something horrible that happened in my Town, Ughelli; they burned someone to death because he stole food, it’s really a heartbreaking situation. People have no means of survival, they’re indoors without food, I weep for the kids; I am deeply broken thinking of orphans. How would they cope? What is their hope? I feel for those in the ghettos; it breaks us without pretence. Oh, what a sad reality, Covid19 is a deadly sting this generation will never forget in a hurry. It must go down in history.
What about some religious bodies encouraging People to have faith and go to church because of their selfish interests, so many pastors are bringing so many theories, in other to mislead us, pray in your homes God can answer you anywhere.
Keep praying to God, things will surely change but do not disobey those in authorities, you must obey the government. (Romans 13:1-2) Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God. So anyone who rebels against authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and they will be punished.
Obey the government, let’s keep praying for their hardened hearts to change for good.   Most importantly, the importance of health cannot be overemphasized, don’t take actions that will be at the detriment of your health, let’s take care of our bodies or we will be forced to do so and at that time we will be able to do nothing else and all the things we are chasing will do nothing for us.
 We appreciate all our amazing workers putting their lives on the line; they are the rays of sunlight in this dark time we have found ourselves, and to all others putting in the work, our security personnel’s, all those still available to provide the basic essentials we need during this period, we are so grateful and we say God bless you.
Let’s all adhere to instructions from the government UN and health workers WHO to flatten the curve. We are one, stay safe and have ETERNITY in mind. Be strong, seasons come and goes, this too shall pass. 
Thanks, may God be with you.

Letter to Mr President 

Your excellency, Muhammadu Buhari GCFR, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. First, this is a reminder to remember the promises you made since being elected as a democratic president. Never lose focus on building a lasting legacy. I understand how hard you try but you have to loosen up and leave some certain things the way you met them, respect and obey the rule of law.
Our life span is short like the fall of snow, we won’t live here forever but if you can make a positive change before leaving office 2023, people will have you in mind for generations to come. We will not forget your name, it will be cherished as a diamond. Make an excellent decision.
I know making an impact in this world takes courage and time; you are encountering many obstacles, but I assure you God will guide and put you one step ahead. God brought you to change the nation, not just to govern and go, act differently from the rest who have come and gone. Focus on a few point agendas, POWER and AGRICULTURE. It’s shameful for a country as great as Nigeria to lack electricity and infrastructures to date. For any nation to succeed, power and food have vital roles to play.
Nigerians are suffering. We need Light, Security, even our educational system is in shambles and only the rich can afford quality education it ought not to be so. Sir, put more effort into Agriculture. Oil is not the only resource the Nation has, and it has contributed to corruption and betrayal. Invest in Agriculture because food Importation is killing the Nigeria Economy and with excellent policies, infrastructure and technology, the agricultural sector can generate more revenue for the Nation.
Do not allow yourself to be manipulated. You did well for closing all land borders and directed the CBN Governor Mr Godwin Emefiele to block food importations. It is time for us to patronize what we have than letting other countries take Nigeria as a refuse dump. It might be hard now, but in the long run, we will reap the benefits. The recent border control will help tackle some irregularities. That was an admirable move. Having a few point agendas is better than having many and achieving none.
Dear Buhari, I know you are doing your best in tackling corruption because we’re all wounded by politicians who were to lead us to the promised land but became blinded with greed at the detriment of the people we expect them to serve. It’s painful how much damage their selfish interests have caused. They have no principles and have betrayed those who called them to service. May God bless the few honest politicians who are there not to amass wealth but have the interests of their people at heart.
It is disgraceful the way our money is being stolen, but my advice for you is to leave the fight to the JUDICIARY, ICPC and the EFCC. Also, be fair to all and do not be selective of whom to prosecute or not. Treat the rich the way you treat the poor and treat the opposition party the way you treat those in your party, that is the only way to win a just war, there is not much time, focus more on your government and wisely manage what’s left. I admire your discipline. To be honest, social media should be regulated to avoid fake news but do not go too hard on freedom of speech because we are in a democratic regime. We need your honesty, you cannot fight this battle alone, you need all Nigerians. Thanks for working hard to reduce the looting but act as a democrat. Though things are complicated Insha Allah, you will succeed.
                                                                     THE YOUTHS
Sir, the Nigerian youths are not lazy, although I agree some have compromised and became corrupt by involving in crimes that have heavily tainted our Nation’s name. The suffering and frustration are too much, graduates are roaming the streets without jobs. The educational system has to improve to produce graduates that are very qualified and jobs created to apply their knowledge and improve the Country. I also believe we should not depend solely on Educational qualifications and we appreciate the government’s efforts in supporting vocational jobs and skills, but we need more.
We must respect the youths who work hard and are making positive influences in the Nation and even the world. We should pray for those who give in to temptations. Many have fallen along the way because of hardship and life’s pressure. I once fell and became shady, but it all changed when my soul began tormenting me.
Mr President, if your government can create more jobs, support small businesses and ideas of the youths in Nigeria, I assure you many youths will change and the crime rate will reduce.  Please do not be too hard on us; we are like your children. Temper justice with mercy and also give the youths opportunities to serve in the government. Nigeria needs the ideas and strength of the young, vibrant and honest Nigerian youths. May God give us the strength to change and live honestly.
                                                                      THE PAST AND FUTURE.
In 2015, I voted against you because I was not clear of your vision, but as time passed, I realized that I might have misjudged you. If I was opportune to be in Nigeria on the last presidential election, I would have voted for you because FOUR years is not enough to achieve your vision for Nigeria. Although the suffering in Nigeria is more than ever before we cannot blame you for all our sufferings. Change comes with a price, but you have to do things for the people and we need unity to move the country forward. Some people say 2023 is still far to think or talk about the next Presidential election, they are right and wrong because some are already lobbying now to succeed you. Do not fall for the sham loyalties or praises, ask God and your conscience what’s the best decision to take. It is necessary you do the right thing because we will judge you on Earth after 2023 and also on Judgment day if you pick the right or wrong person. 
In my assessment, Nigeria’s politics not balanced because the government is not rotating. You are the last man standing to bring us peace and unity. You brought peace to Nigeria for remembering Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola (MKO). The truth will always prevail. Legalising June 12 as the country’s official Democracy Day in honour of (MKO) as the presumed winner of the June 12, 1993, presidential election, you did not do it for the Yorubas but for the entire nation.
                                                                 ON THE VICE PRESIDENT 
Sir, permit me to remind you of something important, for your second tenure to be successful, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo GCON needs to remain in your government, you will achieve your dream to change Nigeria for the better. Do not allow some cabals to misinform you of his loyalty, Vice president Osinbajo is a man who wants you to succeed, remain with him till the end. Your dreams came through with him because God destined it to be so.
God always gives you vibrant men as Vice even from your military regime. You had a backbone Vice President Babatunde Tunde Abdulbaki Idiagbon, who helped you form important policies including War Against Indiscipline, I was told it worked. You have been trying to become a democratic president since 2003, but it only happened with Mr Osinbajo. Learn from the past, he is the right person for you, include him in all your strategies because he is a brilliant person. God gave you Mr Osinbajo for a wonderful reason, God has been good to you because he surrounds you with loyal people. Bear and stay with him, trust him more than everyone in your government because he is the number two person in the federation. Ignore every stone thrown at you, do not give in, they are attempting to distract you, do not forget your purpose as president, you are the one who will take us to the next level and you need your vice to achieve this.
Sir every past mistake has a lesson, do not allow others persuade you from your vision, be careful of people around you and never forget how former President Goodluck Jonathan was mis-informed and betrayed by the people he trusted with vital roles, they were dishonest people who brought down his government, he could not achieve much because of unprincipled people although he had good intentions. Your government should pay attention to the cries and suffering of your people. Do your best to give us a better Nigeria. We reelected you to finish what you started, remember your responsibility and get things done.
                                                                    ON 2023 ELECTION.
Ibos are not Nigeria’s problem, but they are part of the plan from the beginning. You should support and zone the presidency to South East in 2023. Investigate and pick an honest Ibo with no corrupt background as your successor, while the VP should go to the North-Central.  Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai is a man fit for the job, I admire his leadership. If you can give the Ibo’s the presidency, then you’ve changed history. Sir, you are a blessing in disguise, please do not allow the cabals to decide who succeeds you, make a magnificent name for yourself and family. It is better than all the wealth and power. I was sad when your daughter Zarah said they attacked her because of you, prove people wrong by making history as one of the best Nigerian presidents.
Mr President, I am writing this message to give my contribution. I am one out of millions of Nigerians living abroad but not happy about the situation in our beloved country because the majority are sad and wishing they were never from Nigeria and even regretted voting for you, do what you promised. They treat Nigerians differently everywhere in the world, other nations see us as people with no vision or destination, sir please make a lasting legacy, do what’s urgently needed for the country to move forward.
I know it won’t be easy for you but try your best, Liberate your people, ignore some certain advice from the western world, am not saying they are all bad but am saying you have to be wary of those who only speak for their selfish gains, they take more than they offer. Nigerians should solve Nigeria problems. Unity is possible, fairness is the key, make a difference with the time remaining and set a standard, all you need do is take one step in the right direction. This is my opinion and I believe am speaking the minds of many. I am not saying I am right or wrong, rather I urge you to put my message into consideration. Do not gamble with our destinies. God bless and see you through the challenges that lay ahead. God bless the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Do not fear, be different. Assalamu Alaikum.
Let’s not forget what matter is how our lives end. It is important we do right before leaving because life is short and we cannot prolong our days.
I am Julius Okiemute

Dishonest Organized Groups In Nigeria

1. Religious leaders: 95% are the fakest and dishonest people in the country, I know it sounds strange, but true, how can they preach about God when all you see around them is darkness? What we hear these days is money in the house of God. Built schools that the poor can’t attend and have fleets of jets cruising around the world, offer front sits to the rich; You are full of deception. How dare you speak of equality, are you not a politician in disguise? How are you a messenger of Christ when your ways are questionable? Sometimes ago I was facing trouble and hardship in life I had to call my closest spiritual leader, I told him the surrounding pressures how I am asked to compromise into fraud; I was expecting comfort from him to follow the light, to my surprise he said Julius God will bless you when you go back to cyber-crime, I couldn’t believe a man of God saw that vision, this was someone who preaches heaven and hell. They don’t care about salvation anymore, all they do is to see fake visions for them to eat your seed, politicians are their biggest customers in return to get billions and oil blocks. I know corruption is also in Islam, not as Christianity, which is turning into a business. My only advice to pastors and imams, REMEMBER YOUR MONEY WILL NOT FOLLOW YOU TO THE GRAVE. Thanks to the 5% who are preaching the true Gospel and not romancing politicians or the world, may God reward your integrity, I know it’s hard staying unstained, but never compromise.

2. Nigeria politicians: I know you would wonder why they didn’t come up first. Politicians are not the most corrupted people. They’re looters I agree but we gave them the power to fool us, we’re not united and always acting foolish so the politicians use that as an advantage. If we stay united and speak with one voice, then we shall see change, people who are speaking for us are the traitors, the religious leaders and the traditional… Let’s start speaking for ourselves than allowing some certain people. A woman asked me in Germany 2015, Julius, why do you people come to Europe to suffer while your country is among the richest in the world? I told her our politicians are thieves looting our wealth, then she laughed and said so what are you the people doing about it? I said we can’t do anything. Then she said oh lazy people, she asked again, if you see someone as corrupt can’t you kick him/her out? We argued for a long time, I agreed, people are the problem, not the government. We vote for someone who is not good enough, Even if they rigged elections, we can fight it, but my question is who’s ready to die? I do not hate anyone or claiming to be perfect but it’s high time we change our thinking, go to church or mosque but stop paying money to see God, because you won’t, listen to music and watch movies but don’t copy the stars, they’re only humans. Vote on every election but don’t do it because of the tribe or religion, do it for conscience’s sake. Your future depends on it.

3. Nigeria celebrities: These people supposed to be our role models but 99% became puppets of destruction. Our youths are trying to make it by all means because of pressure mounted on them by the so-called celebrities, these entities are double-faced, clapping for positive change when they are the ones encouraging corruption and fake lifestyles. They’re the friends of thieves and ritualist, if you have money then you automatically become their friend, we don’t respect or appreciate a hard-working Nigerian anymore, all we care about is see them have millions in accounts without caring how it came. Things have changed, ignorant’s increasing and life became harder, our celebrities only promote and sing your praise when you have money, integrity’s lost. When I was growing up, I love watching movies and listening to songs but now I am tired of seeing nudes, songs with no message, movies with no meaning just flashy things and sex that’s all. Check the people our celebrities follow and praise most of them are the same people they want the youths to hate, oh hypocrisy of the highest order. Too much competitions and hatred, how can you call yourself an angel of change when we only see destruction in you? be a good role model instead of making youths go into fraud because they want to be your friend, too many depressions because of the wrong messages you sent, you’re chasing material things to impress while you’re broken deep down, you no longer live freely. Who can be like Fela of our time? Or like Majek Fashek, Etc… If Nigerian youths are not careful with the ways they follow and praise overnight riches it would wash us away from reality, all we see now is get rich quick and come flaunt it on social media, we need to understand how dangerous and unhealthy it is for us trying to live more than our means. Discipline yourself on social media or run away before desperation gets to you.

It’s Deep mind control, Instagram is a place of strife and tribulation, be careful else you suffer alone. In the world, we now have the mentality of no money no friend. Don’t do crazy things just for likes, validation will take you no where people will move without you on social media so why proving what’s not there? Swag is temporary, They sell and buy love online.  Whatever you go in life remember there are consequences and the cost is high.

Let’s redirect our steps & stay real, none is perfect, there’s still a chance to make it right. We shall find the straight path to move forward.

A dose of some wise nuggets

                                                                   IT IS TIME

 I used to think we love for people to return our love but now I’ve realized it is more than that; you love without waiting to get it back because you might not.
Before I tried to impress and show people how much I love and need them, what I sent was fear.
Fear is valid and real. You must try to remember that with every step you take, but don’t let it define your choices.
I sang and danced my best, I waited, wishing they notice me but it never happened, people won’t see or listen when you try to show something. Sing and dance just to make yourself happy, not people.
I wrote messages, explained how special and important they are, but my messages were not read, it brought me pain and loneliness; I wanted the world to be fair; it broke me.
When you chase money, you might not find it, but design and chase your dreams by following every process. The sky will be your limit, believe before achieving.
 I used to think education is all about going to school or gaining results until I realized that good morality is the centre of it all, we can buy academic qualifications, not morals. Going to school is important, but the world would be better if we didn’t ignore morality where we respect one another without interfering in their affairs or beliefs. There would be peace when we don’t feel we’re wiser or better than others.
The world’s run by criminals, money and power is all they care about, they’ve used science to create havoc in our universe. Why create bombs for war? Why destroy the earth with pollution at the same time clamouring for climate change? The world needs peace it is our duty, to be honest, and not pretend; I love technology and its advancement, but we should be careful how we use it.
Science has drastically changed our universe, we must learn how to control it before it completely deceives us about the nonexistence of God.
 I don’t impress anymore, am now the man in the mirror, love your enemy, that’s the true law of nature.
Change the world, begin with you, then one person at a time.
I’ve become a tree who gives its fruits to anyone even if they forget to say thank you.
Don’t expect a change from people, they might never change, you be the change.
Never worry about tomorrow. You cannot tell if it will ever come, today is golden & tomorrow is not sure, live today as the last.
You can’t change the wind, be free like a bird, fly high like an eagle who waited so long for the wind thermal, even if you don’t know your final destination.
Excess money doesn’t bring 100% fulfilment. You can stay contented with less. I want you to change the way you see money and focus on your soul.
Without the Gospel, there’s no Salvation or the church or Christianity.
Don’t pretend or hide behind your looks and tricks. Stay authentic and unapologetic. Be you.
We need each other to move forward but do not force any to love or accept you, love comes from the purest part of our soul, though it’s rare.
When you desperately seek people’s attention, you might have it, but you become someone with no value.
Love yourself, sing, dance and be happy because the world sails without you, so why prove something?
Be a river, flow with the current, then the world will bend and pay attention.
One of our jobs on this earth as humans is to wake up, that is to be on alert
Death and birth are twins, walking on the same path, they are inseparable and we must accept them as one.
We are electrics
Love is not a choice, it’s a commandment

Keep Your Relationship Private

On the 25th of November, for some reasons, I was so angry at God. I entered the world and sought what I lacked; I messed up big time, but I learnt something important in the place I went.  Arriving there, I met some men and women talking deep things of life then something went wrong with the conversation. We heard things we shouldn’t hear in public; it was a secret; I started understanding why people’s marriages break, friends couldn’t keep the deepest secrets.
My advice to every married person is to keep your affairs to yourself, whether sweet or bitter, stop telling people your problems.
Do you feel they will solve it for you? HARDLY! Bad news spreads like wildfire, learn to bear and solve issues with your partner and ask God to come in. I looked at him and saw pain and sadness in his eyes; he never believed his closest friend would expose his weakness in such a shameful manner, he regretted revealing the problem between himself and his wife, he never thought he will be a ridicule  in public by his most trusted friend, he felt betrayed; deep wound.
They’re far older than me I was the smallest in their midst. I couldn’t say anything but I watched and listened carefully. Then the man said, in my next life, I will never share problems concerning my marital life with anyone, never will I tell people about my deepest problems no matter who they are, why do you have to disgrace me in public? I trusted you with my secrets as a close friend. Why the mockery? These were his words in the gathering. I felt his frustrations.

Ladies: Telling everything that happens in your home to people is risky. Please stop it while you can. We don’t know who to trust anymore, stop showing your problems on social media, so many homes got broken because of what we share. Don’t seek validation or pity from the world, they only sympathize in a moment, then chastise you when the tough time comes, no one will be with you in your storm, stay better or worse, support your man and make your home beautiful, every secret unveiled today will be against you tomorrow.


If you that owns a secret couldn’t keep it, how can you trust another man to keep it for you?
Men: Learn to forgive your partner, they are the weaker vessels; mistakes are inevitable, it must happen in every relationship because nothing is perfect but solving them makes you a winner, difficult times are unpreventable. What I saw that day inspired me to write this post, people won’t solve your problems, solve them yourself. Keep your personal life private, else they will mock you tomorrow when you do not learn today. I admire the man; He forgave his wife for her mistakes, though people saw it as foolishness, he let go because of love. 
For any union to succeed, forgiveness makes it possible. Forget the past, pursue and design the future, Forgive and don’t give up.


Most Africans don’t want other Africans in their countries and we complain of the west being racist when we are worse, the whites don’t hate themselves but foreigners; we are strangers and like aliens inside a failed structure; I feel the biting; It breaks my heart to see hatred amongst us instead of love; I wish you could see the havoc you’ve done, don’t speak of love when your heart’s crooked, amend your ways, Africa.
I urge Africans to improve and merge our broken nations. We can thrive better together, but we’ve deprived ourselves and become insufficient. The elites are greedy; they disappoint us; We worship and praise those who sold us out, it has turned us into beggars, our recklessness is killing our name and future. The West does not trust or accept things we give them but Africa approves everything they offer; It makes us look stupid. I hate short pleasure; I crave a wonderful destiny for Africans at home or away. Please, hands must be on deck, the fate of our youths are unpredictable, the future is here, we should further develop a stronger and unified Africa, the ridicule and humiliation is too high for us to bear, we have to revert the dreadful names they’ve given us overseas; they call us criminals, prostitutes etc even if some are that way because of the difficulties are facing, it’s time to separate from that negative narrative. We are Diamonds, our pursuit for nobility is untamed, we can shape and make our world a better place. We’re riddled with so much potential and greatness; I believe in Africa. I don’t believe we can only succeed abroad or it can only be better beyond our shores.
Africa is my blood and my heart, we must recall where we are coming from and design where we are going, home is important, (AFRICA IS HOME) we won’t stay here forever, things can be different, life is uncertain, we have to adjust how we think and how we see the future. Let’s end the conflicts; they laugh at us because we sold ourselves; we deceived ourselves for limited profits. How can we expect international communities to love us when we can not embrace our fellow brother or sister?  I cherish my country Nigeria and its people and I adore humans no matter the colour, race or destination; It is time for Africa to show the world we are strong, fearless and elegant; our uniqueness is priceless. Youths in Africa should stop comparison and jealousy. European youths are more united, it is not about who’s better or not but they have a common understanding. Why can’t we emulate that?; the sky is big enough for all to fly, we should sail together, time and success is moving without us because we are not paying attention but allowing wrong decisions into our lives, it is time for us to wake up from this xenophobia and division, killing will never solve our problems, the key to success on our journey on this planet is to have a clear plan. Too many killings make me fear and wonder what happened to us, my friends died in gun battles in Benin City because of our Ignorance, we segregate and see each other differently, your colour or secret society should not divide us, lets focus on rescuing our dying nations by uniting and having a common plan for tomorrow. The time has come for African youths in all 54 countries to change our philosophy and backward mentality. Don’t allow our diversity to destroy us, let’s stay together in love.
OUR FLAWED RELIGIOUS LEADERS: Religion is part of our problem, Religiosity is high in Africa especially in Nigeria, but we are low on spirituality and it is breaking us badly. We have big churches and mosques but am not seeing them do much to preach love and unity amongst us, rather what most of the leaders do is show us how powerful and rich they are, the rest of the world is mocking us. We serve God from Monday till Sunday at the same time hate each other; we are the problem to ourselves and it’s no lie. Pastors, we know you are politicians in disguise but please do not play politics with the lives of your followers, have the fear of God. Preach love and hell rather than bragging of properties you gained with hypocrisy. Even if you won’t allow the poor to attend your universities or cruise with you on your jets, what about you helping when urgently needed?  There were serious issues in Libya and recent killings in South Africa, thanks to the CEO of Air Peace, Allen Onyema, who out of sympathy saved many lives. You did little or nothing but when it’s time for politics and elections; We see you seeking a space in all political parties in pretence, change before you die in your deceits. It’s painful I have to talk about our religious leaders but I have to do it because you don’t practice what you preach, can a well-known pastor in Africa swear with the bible for not involving in the downfall of its nation? You collect big money from your political friends and enrich yourselves; I don’t expect you to be poor but please have the fear of God and see what’s happening around you, stop planning mega crusades and programs without Holiness. Please, sir/ma serve by example like Jesus did and practice what you preach. Matthew 23.3 (Romans 2.20-24)
IMAMS: Why not use your voices to preach love and unity and remind your followers how Prophet Mohammed lived a selfless life, am not a Muslim, but I read some scriptures in the Quran how he lived a true life,  Muhammed could express love and spread it around him?  His tenderness and affection touched many and his Companions loved him with an intense, profound, and extraordinary love, he loved non-Muslims but because of greed, Islam is turning into politics for personal gains. Riches is not the ultimate in building peace and love. Religion wounds us, there’s still time to change and do what’s needed. Preach love across Africa, religion has a vital role to play, it has power even more than the government to transform its members. 70% of Africans are religious, whether you are Christian or Muslim represent what you speak of, I don’t speak against Christianity; I don’t speak against Islam but I am speaking against any African who has lost its value and on a pursuit of separatism. Holy Quran 2:208
We Are Stronger Together
TO OUR GOVERNMENTS: Please remember the future of your people and never neglect the vow you made, keep your promise to be the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Let’s reshape Africa, we have the potential and capital for this remarkable change; we are long overdue
To love another person is to see the face of God.—Victor Hugo



You’ve always been there, you made me love you. You are my garden; I celebrate you today and forever, thank you so much for everything Mom.
Mom, You thought me how to love people including my enemies; I remembered a day I called you on phone to complain and explain about people; you said I should stop gossiping and forgive, ignoring their excesses will make you move forward. You said it is important not to avoid them, then I realized all you’ve risked just for us to be where we are now. The sacrifice you paid was great, then you said you did it for our happiness, you’ve loved everyone including your enemies, you are our shade. My heart melted hearing you preach to me on forgiveness, tolerance and endurance, then I remembered what the Bible said, (Proverbs 25: 21.22) If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink: For thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head, and the LORD shall reward thee.


Mom, you are the most generous person I have ever seen in my entire life; you give from your heart. Thank you for putting smiles on my face, including people you know and those you don’t know, despite my many mistakes and how I failed in the past. I made you cry, but those mistakes are my biggest education; it taught me something; you forgave all my wrongs; I pray God to give me your type of forgiving heart; I see it all so clear now, like crystal light, I forgive what is within me, am learning to forgive, love and let go, it’s better to forgive and look towards the future. I wish I had all it takes to show the Universe how much you mean to me. It is time to make amends to my shadows. Richard loves you. I love you, Kenneth loves you. Anita, last but not least love you… We all love you.

Happy 52nd Birthday Mom
You are my everything.