A dose of some wise nuggets

                                                                   IT IS TIME

 I used to think we love for people to return our love but now I’ve realized it is more than that; you love without waiting to get it back because you might not.
Before I tried to impress and show people how much I love and need them, what I sent was fear.
Fear is valid and real. You must try to remember that with every step you take, but don’t let it define your choices.
I sang and danced my best, I waited, wishing they notice me but it never happened, people won’t see or listen when you try to show something. Sing and dance just to make yourself happy, not people.
I wrote messages, explained how special and important they are, but my messages were not read, it brought me pain and loneliness; I wanted the world to be fair; it broke me.
When you chase money, you might not find it, but design and chase your dreams by following every process. The sky will be your limit, believe before achieving.
 I used to think education is all about going to school or gaining results until I realized that good morality is the centre of it all, we can buy academic qualifications, not morals. Going to school is important, but the world would be better if we didn’t ignore morality where we respect one another without interfering in their affairs or beliefs. There would be peace when we don’t feel we’re wiser or better than others.
The world’s run by criminals, money and power is all they care about, they’ve used science to create havoc in our universe. Why create bombs for war? Why destroy the earth with pollution at the same time clamouring for climate change? The world needs peace it is our duty, to be honest, and not pretend; I love technology and its advancement, but we should be careful how we use it.
Science has drastically changed our universe, we must learn how to control it before it completely deceives us about the nonexistence of God.
 I don’t impress anymore, am now the man in the mirror, love your enemy, that’s the true law of nature.
Change the world, begin with you, then one person at a time.
I’ve become a tree who gives its fruits to anyone even if they forget to say thank you.
Don’t expect a change from people, they might never change, you be the change.
Never worry about tomorrow. You cannot tell if it will ever come, today is golden & tomorrow is not sure, live today as the last.
You can’t change the wind, be free like a bird, fly high like an eagle who waited so long for the wind thermal, even if you don’t know your final destination.
Excess money doesn’t bring 100% fulfilment. You can stay contented with less. I want you to change the way you see money and focus on your soul.
Without the Gospel, there’s no Salvation or the church or Christianity.
Don’t pretend or hide behind your looks and tricks. Stay authentic and unapologetic. Be you.
We need each other to move forward but do not force any to love or accept you, love comes from the purest part of our soul, though it’s rare.
When you desperately seek people’s attention, you might have it, but you become someone with no value.
Love yourself, sing, dance and be happy because the world sails without you, so why prove something?
Be a river, flow with the current, then the world will bend and pay attention.
One of our jobs on this earth as humans is to wake up, that is to be on alert
Death and birth are twins, walking on the same path, they are inseparable and we must accept them as one.
We are electrics
Love is not a choice, it’s a commandment

Keep Your Relationship Private

On the 25th of November, for some reasons, I was so angry at God. I entered the world and sought what I lacked; I messed up big time, but I learnt something important in the place I went.  Arriving there, I met some men and women talking deep things of life then something went wrong with the conversation. We heard things we shouldn’t hear in public; it was a secret; I started understanding why people’s marriages break, friends couldn’t keep the deepest secrets.
My advice to every married person is to keep your affairs to yourself, whether sweet or bitter, stop telling people your problems.
Do you feel they will solve it for you? HARDLY! Bad news spreads like wildfire, learn to bear and solve issues with your partner and ask God to come in. I looked at him and saw pain and sadness in his eyes; he never believed his closest friend would expose his weakness in such a shameful manner, he regretted revealing the problem between himself and his wife, he never thought he will be a ridicule  in public by his most trusted friend, he felt betrayed; deep wound.
They’re far older than me I was the smallest in their midst. I couldn’t say anything but I watched and listened carefully. Then the man said, in my next life, I will never share problems concerning my marital life with anyone, never will I tell people about my deepest problems no matter who they are, why do you have to disgrace me in public? I trusted you with my secrets as a close friend. Why the mockery? These were his words in the gathering. I felt his frustrations.

Ladies: Telling everything that happens in your home to people is risky. Please stop it while you can. We don’t know who to trust anymore, stop showing your problems on social media, so many homes got broken because of what we share. Don’t seek validation or pity from the world, they only sympathize in a moment, then chastise you when the tough time comes, no one will be with you in your storm, stay better or worse, support your man and make your home beautiful, every secret unveiled today will be against you tomorrow.


If you that owns a secret couldn’t keep it, how can you trust another man to keep it for you?
Men: Learn to forgive your partner, they are the weaker vessels; mistakes are inevitable, it must happen in every relationship because nothing is perfect but solving them makes you a winner, difficult times are unpreventable. What I saw that day inspired me to write this post, people won’t solve your problems, solve them yourself. Keep your personal life private, else they will mock you tomorrow when you do not learn today. I admire the man; He forgave his wife for her mistakes, though people saw it as foolishness, he let go because of love. 
For any union to succeed, forgiveness makes it possible. Forget the past, pursue and design the future, Forgive and don’t give up.


Most Africans don’t want other Africans in their countries and we complain of the west being racist when we are worse, the whites don’t hate themselves but foreigners; we are strangers and like aliens inside a failed structure; I feel the biting; It breaks my heart to see hatred amongst us instead of love; I wish you could see the havoc you’ve done, don’t speak of love when your heart’s crooked, amend your ways, Africa.
I urge Africans to improve and merge our broken nations. We can thrive better together, but we’ve deprived ourselves and become insufficient. The elites are greedy; they disappoint us; We worship and praise those who sold us out, it has turned us into beggars, our recklessness is killing our name and future. The West does not trust or accept things we give them but Africa approves everything they offer; It makes us look stupid. I hate short pleasure; I crave a wonderful destiny for Africans at home or away. Please, hands must be on deck, the fate of our youths are unpredictable, the future is here, we should further develop a stronger and unified Africa, the ridicule and humiliation is too high for us to bear, we have to revert the dreadful names they’ve given us overseas; they call us criminals, prostitutes etc even if some are that way because of the difficulties are facing, it’s time to separate from that negative narrative. We are Diamonds, our pursuit for nobility is untamed, we can shape and make our world a better place. We’re riddled with so much potential and greatness; I believe in Africa. I don’t believe we can only succeed abroad or it can only be better beyond our shores.
Africa is my blood and my heart, we must recall where we are coming from and design where we are going, home is important, (AFRICA IS HOME) we won’t stay here forever, things can be different, life is uncertain, we have to adjust how we think and how we see the future. Let’s end the conflicts; they laugh at us because we sold ourselves; we deceived ourselves for limited profits. How can we expect international communities to love us when we can not embrace our fellow brother or sister?  I cherish my country Nigeria and its people and I adore humans no matter the colour, race or destination; It is time for Africa to show the world we are strong, fearless and elegant; our uniqueness is priceless. Youths in Africa should stop comparison and jealousy. European youths are more united, it is not about who’s better or not but they have a common understanding. Why can’t we emulate that?; the sky is big enough for all to fly, we should sail together, time and success is moving without us because we are not paying attention but allowing wrong decisions into our lives, it is time for us to wake up from this xenophobia and division, killing will never solve our problems, the key to success on our journey on this planet is to have a clear plan. Too many killings make me fear and wonder what happened to us, my friends died in gun battles in Benin City because of our Ignorance, we segregate and see each other differently, your colour or secret society should not divide us, lets focus on rescuing our dying nations by uniting and having a common plan for tomorrow. The time has come for African youths in all 54 countries to change our philosophy and backward mentality. Don’t allow our diversity to destroy us, let’s stay together in love.
OUR FLAWED RELIGIOUS LEADERS: Religion is part of our problem, Religiosity is high in Africa especially in Nigeria, but we are low on spirituality and it is breaking us badly. We have big churches and mosques but am not seeing them do much to preach love and unity amongst us, rather what most of the leaders do is show us how powerful and rich they are, the rest of the world is mocking us. We serve God from Monday till Sunday at the same time hate each other; we are the problem to ourselves and it’s no lie. Pastors, we know you are politicians in disguise but please do not play politics with the lives of your followers, have the fear of God. Preach love and hell rather than bragging of properties you gained with hypocrisy. Even if you won’t allow the poor to attend your universities or cruise with you on your jets, what about you helping when urgently needed?  There were serious issues in Libya and recent killings in South Africa, thanks to the CEO of Air Peace, Allen Onyema, who out of sympathy saved many lives. You did little or nothing but when it’s time for politics and elections; We see you seeking a space in all political parties in pretence, change before you die in your deceits. It’s painful I have to talk about our religious leaders but I have to do it because you don’t practice what you preach, can a well-known pastor in Africa swear with the bible for not involving in the downfall of its nation? You collect big money from your political friends and enrich yourselves; I don’t expect you to be poor but please have the fear of God and see what’s happening around you, stop planning mega crusades and programs without Holiness. Please, sir/ma serve by example like Jesus did and practice what you preach. Matthew 23.3 (Romans 2.20-24)
IMAMS: Why not use your voices to preach love and unity and remind your followers how Prophet Mohammed lived a selfless life, am not a Muslim, but I read some scriptures in the Quran how he lived a true life,  Muhammed could express love and spread it around him?  His tenderness and affection touched many and his Companions loved him with an intense, profound, and extraordinary love, he loved non-Muslims but because of greed, Islam is turning into politics for personal gains. Riches is not the ultimate in building peace and love. Religion wounds us, there’s still time to change and do what’s needed. Preach love across Africa, religion has a vital role to play, it has power even more than the government to transform its members. 70% of Africans are religious, whether you are Christian or Muslim represent what you speak of, I don’t speak against Christianity; I don’t speak against Islam but I am speaking against any African who has lost its value and on a pursuit of separatism. Holy Quran 2:208
We Are Stronger Together
TO OUR GOVERNMENTS: Please remember the future of your people and never neglect the vow you made, keep your promise to be the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Let’s reshape Africa, we have the potential and capital for this remarkable change; we are long overdue
To love another person is to see the face of God.—Victor Hugo



You’ve always been there, you made me love you. You are my garden; I celebrate you today and forever, thank you so much for everything Mom.
Mom, You thought me how to love people including my enemies; I remembered a day I called you on phone to complain and explain about people; you said I should stop gossiping and forgive, ignoring their excesses will make you move forward. You said it is important not to avoid them, then I realized all you’ve risked just for us to be where we are now. The sacrifice you paid was great, then you said you did it for our happiness, you’ve loved everyone including your enemies, you are our shade. My heart melted hearing you preach to me on forgiveness, tolerance and endurance, then I remembered what the Bible said, (Proverbs 25: 21.22) If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink: For thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head, and the LORD shall reward thee.


Mom, you are the most generous person I have ever seen in my entire life; you give from your heart. Thank you for putting smiles on my face, including people you know and those you don’t know, despite my many mistakes and how I failed in the past. I made you cry, but those mistakes are my biggest education; it taught me something; you forgave all my wrongs; I pray God to give me your type of forgiving heart; I see it all so clear now, like crystal light, I forgive what is within me, am learning to forgive, love and let go, it’s better to forgive and look towards the future. I wish I had all it takes to show the Universe how much you mean to me. It is time to make amends to my shadows. Richard loves you. I love you, Kenneth loves you. Anita, last but not least love you… We all love you.

Happy 52nd Birthday Mom
You are my everything.


Let me tell you a story about a stranger I met 2015 in Warri.  I was at chevron yard to get things for my mom, on my way back to Benin. I branched a restaurant to eat my favourite food. After greeting the food seller

Are you Urhobo?  she asked.

“Yes madam, I am from Ughelli although I was born in Benin City; I understand Urhobo,” I replied her “I need Banga and starch,” making my order

She served me and I started eating; a friendly young man walked in. Then he ordered in a way that touched my heart… “Mama, please serve me Eba fifty Naira and soup without meat, man must WAK (eat) even if no meat or fish.” His words touched me. I said yes; you are right. Man must chop (eat) He smiled. I told the woman to serve him food with meat and I will pay the bill. They both thanked me and we became friends. After we finished eating, he thanked me again and also praised the food seller that she was a good woman, then he said “sometimes she gives me food when things are rough, I used to have a place I stay but the government closed the area and everyone left; I am homeless at the moment; I sleep wherever night finds me.” I almost cried hearing his story but held on to pride. He asked me if he could have my phone number but at that moment my phone was dead; I did not charge before leaving Benin, “give me yours when I get to Benin I will call you” I said.

He replied, “I have no phone, but I can call you with a payphone,”.  I realized his problems were many. He helped me carry my bag to the bus station, treated me right, prayed for me and said I should remember him then we said our byes. I waited for his call but I never heard from him, “did I give him a wrong number or maybe he lost it or something else must have happened to him” I wondered.

I checked my phone for days hoping to hear from the stranger who I forgot to ask his name, I would have tried my best to assist him even if it’s little, he had only one brother who died in a car crash when you hear his story your passion for humanity will arise. Months later I went to Warri,  visited the same restaurant to eat and asked about him, I saw the food seller, we exchanged pleasantries, then asked her “please madam how can I reach the stranger I met here months ago; he did not call me; Where can I find him, I believe he is close to you? I will drop my number with you please tell him to call. ” Love

My heart bled by her response, I will never give him the number if you drop it with me, why do you want to mingle with that tout, an Igbo (marijuana) smoker, you are a responsible young man;You need no business with that wayward man who has no future, let him suffer. It dumbfounded me, I could not believe the woman said those words, this was someone he praised and thanked for being good to him,  she broke my heart by her words, she never loved him, I walked away without eating or saying a word, mans love is fickle. I am not different from the stranger; I used to smoke weed; I am only fortunate not to face hardship like him; we judge people by appearance and that’s one of the world’s problems; she thought I was a saint; she didn’t want me to mingle with his likes and even called him a low life; she forgot life is unpredictable.  I realized we are in danger, people pretend to love and show it to your face but destroy you when you are not there; I wish the stranger could be more careful eating the woman’s food; she isn’t a sincere person, some people pretend to help you while they are poisoning your future, she’s pretending to care while she’s a serpent, (Psalm 28:3) Draw me not away with the wicked, and with the workers of iniquity, which speak peace to their neighbours, but mischief is in their hearts, we all should pray never to have pretenders in our lives. I never went to Warri again before travelling abroad, we should learn how to love people truly, no matter the class or appearance, Be careful, life is too deep.   Thank you and God bless.


Wherever you may be on the planet, this is a reminder to where you are going, God gave you power as a beautiful human, your looks or colour doesn’t matter, there’s something deeper than that, “YOUR SOUL” find it. Life is unpredictable it made us lose hope, being aware is the greatest enlightenment than any lack, money, fame, cars, all those material things are never the answers to everything, our spirit’s broken by all these things. When growing up I thought to get whatever things I want will bring me happiness and joy but it shattered me, I chose the wrong way, it led me astray, I saw life differently until I realized that I was an illusionist. The world is polluted and destroyed because we try to gain superiority, even some leaders of the earth know they are chasing an unjust cause, Race or Religion should never be a problem but we made it so; God created us different colours, ONE PEOPLE. I know things about the world overwhelm us. Social Media, Materialism, what we see or hear should not mislead us, it’s an illusion, they don’t last. “KNOW THE TRUTH” it shall set you free forever, Love everyone no matter where they come from, love is the resolution.
Do not worry about tomorrow everything would be fine, be optimistic, live an honest life even if you are imperfect, do your best and leave the rest to God, some people are in jail, some are sick, some are lonely, hungry and homeless, but what about those who are dead? You have breath be thankful and accept things as they are, life remains a mystery. Each day listen to your soul, you are a blessing to this world, always pray for grace to move forward, God was merciful to Abraham, he will have mercy for us to find a way home, follow the true path, when you do then your heart would be open to seeing the universe far deeper than you would ever imagine. Even if you lose everything never give up or lose yourself, faith will take you through all tough times, keep believing, hopeful. As I go through life, I accepted my mistakes and learned from them; I love people irrespective of who or how they are; I gave up the urge to gain material things or forever lose my soul; I accept LIFE and its disappointments as a blessing, the right way does not require money, you will see beyond the eyes could see, troubles and suffering are part of life, even in trials, dedicated your heart for humanity, submit to the process God will not forsake you, your life is a book, keep opening every page with care, you are the light of this world; you can navigate. I lost myself countless time, but I kept pacing and going on track, even though I fear but there’s something around always guiding us through the darker days,  have patience, life is short as the falling of snow nothing last forever. I created this blog to give a message of hope to anyone who’s experiencing life’s troubles; you are not alone never give up even when you fall, remember your infinite power;  you’re chosen I know the road is narrow sometimes, and you feel lost, you will find your way; you are a testimony do not doubt; the world needs your love. God is not black, God is not white, God is your soul, God is Love, Love You and Love Your Neighbors.

The Lost Way

  • August 10th walking to a church at Porta Nuova in Torino, I saw a shirtless young African man sited on the floor with a cup begging, looking so pale and dirty people passing and shifting away from him, I went close and drop money just to put a smile on his face, even while I was suffering,  tears almost fell from my eyes because I saw hopelessness in him, pride made me hold myself, the tears never came, I wept in my soul as I walked to pray, getting there, the church’s locked I had to turn back. On my way back I couldn’t find him where I had met him, I thought maybe he went to get food with the money I gave him, until I saw him in front of me coming towards my direction, he’s already bought marijuana, smoked passed with his malnourished body, I regretted giving money to someone I felt pity only for him to use the money for self destruction. He is sick, frustrated and lost his way, I wish families in Africa understand what we go through abroad, some never found the life they were searching for, we left our countries and found suffering, some of us need drastic rehabilitation. 

  • It is important for our African governments to never forget its citizens overseas; I have seen a lot of my Africans brothers and sisters who are homeless and helpless, they all came abroad for greener pastures, to make life better for families left back home, but as you know sometimes, life doesn’t always go as planned, affected and abandoned, we forget counting them as one of us because of shame, they’re robbed of the future,  living in the past’s darkness, it has pulled them back with no life purpose, they could not walk through the valley, so many shadows of death all around them, it’s so difficult for them to see the vision of the harvest because they feel lost.  These are people who left Africa with so many pictures of the future, it never happened, sad reality is what they now have,  All is not well, and I can’t help, the only thing I can do is send the word out I believe our government will hear, I am appealing to everyone in all the 54 countries of Africa to please remember your people; home or away, do something about the future, I advise you request the return of those abroad, sick and suffering, other than roaming the street unwell with no medical attention, rescue them back home and rehabilitate, hope might still be in them, every life matters.   
  • This is for Luke who roams around the city of Turin with no destination and to Sandra who sleeps under the bridge. May God protect you in this cold weather. I feel your pain.