The prophet who took me to a sorcerer: The pastor who wants me to be fraudulent

We are different

I met a prophet 2012 in Benin City who told me visions and promised to help solve my problems. I was overwhelmed about the prophecies, it made me desperate for solutions but that’s an unforgettable mistake.

This prophet is learned and versed in scriptures, I believed everything he told me and we met three times each week until one evening when he said get ready, I will take you somewhere to meet someone and know some things.

We went to a dark place, on getting there, I saw the unimaginable, a wizard. The
prophet looked at me and said, “Julius meet your namesake”. I smiled confusedly.

The first thing the sorcerer said to the prophet was, “don’t you see this boy is a target who has been exposed to danger?”
The prophet said, “yes, I already told him people are after his life and needs to wipe them out before it’s too late”. I was sitting there lost in their deep conversations, my namesake, the wizard turned to me and said “it is time you take your destiny by force else you will not move forward, do what must be done to get there” I nodded and we left.

On our way home, the prophet said to me “Julius there are some sacrifices you need to do, don’t be scared about the things you saw, it’s a compromised world, we had to seek powers elsewhere”. He told me that there are known men of God in the state who’re also involved. I bowed in shrines, did the sacrifices required by the sorcerer, waited for an unlocked change which never came, but there was a bigger plan coming.

One day, the prophet told me there was something else I needed to do, I have to “belong” for me to eat and drink with the elites. I didn’t quite understand the word ”BELONG” until he started mentioning pastors, prophets and important personalities of all walks of life who are also in the circle. I thought it was a joke until THE NIGHT came, I couldn’t do it and from that day I never stopped running, I hope you understand?



2019, after giving my life to Christ, I was battling with finance, I was too broke to even pay my rent but thank God for my brother Richard who never gave up on me, he helped me with my bills but I was not satisfied in my situation, I was contemplating going back to fraud.

To live an honest life in Europe is harder than you can ever imagine, I had to seek advice from someone I look up to as a spiritual mentor, a pastor of many years. I explained my plight to him then he said he would get back to me after communicating with God. Meanwhile, I’ve been praying and God is silent saying I should hold on.

My pastor came back and said the Holy Spirit told him I should go back to Istanbul and do fraud. I listened in shock and disbelief. He said God will open my doors through fraud and I will be so rich but I should not forget the church.
At that moment he lost my respect and trust, my spirit didn’t believe such a message.

Even if I was battling with my spiritual life, I knew the truth, all I ever wanted from him were words of encouragements to keep me believing God but he pushed me against the wall and I almost lost my soul because of these experiences.

Lessons: never you depend on men for true change in your life, do not believe everything, it’s a vicious circle and a deep world.

The sacrifice I did through the prophet hunted me for many years until I was completely delivered, the pastor was selfish and also a hypocrite who almost led me astray.

It is time to face your fear, ponder how you live your life, don’t be afraid of the unknown. let everything go but in all this its a lonely road.

People want to change everything and, at the same time, want it all to remain the same.
Paulo Coelho,

The priest turned his back on me in Turin. Wolves in sheep clothing will be judged.

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