Nigerians and blame game

We have every reason to be successful but only when we stop castigating or wasting our time judging other people, for example, the leaders, these people are not really our problems. They had dreams and followed it with much sacrifice and tears; these old men are still in power today because they can’t give up power to the younger generations who are not prepared for the tasks ahead, these leaders fear what may become of us when the power finally comes.

Unless we prove to them that yes, we are ready before they consider us the youth to take control, in an actual sense are we truly honest about leadership when materialism, secret society and tribalism is still affecting us even more than before? We are using technology in the wrong way, only a few get to the top because of commitment. This generation seems lost, knowledge is not enough, it is working against us. Self-discipline, morality is the only thing that can keep us going, let’s respect each other and let down your shields for love.

 I often disagree with the African youths who are blaming its government not because they are wrong, my problem or question for the youths, what have we done to change the situation of Africa? We can’t win the struggle by being indifferent or shouting on social media. Instagram or Snapchat won’t solve our sufferings, actions will. If the leaders governing us today depended on social media or acted the way we are acting now, they won’t be in the position they are today. The youths are drifting away into social competitions; we are losing touch with reality.

What moves have we made to let the government see how ready and united we are? We have failed to realise that politicians believe in actions than excess words, but they caged us with words because that’s what we wish to hear. Those old men see us as youths with no vision or wisdom to handle the mantle of leadership, we will remain in the dark except we rise and sing our national anthem louder in love.

Is it not yet time for the Nigerian youths in all six geo-political zones of the federation to rise in unity and match through all 36 states & Abuja to show the change? Let’s not side with any politician but judge all according to its merit. Is it not yet time for us to demand what’s rightfully ours? Can they ignore the cries of about 90 million youths?

The change will drastically come when we don’t just wake up thinking insulting or saying things on Social media will do the magic, but when we push aside religion, and tribalism then those in power will see the change, seriousness in us & pay close attention. Looting will reduce because we will monitor and sue criminals in government who misused his or her budget. It is time we use the law and action to fight for justice we so seek. Nigerian youths are smarter, don’t be afraid or coward.

I feel sad abroad when the white people call Africa youths fools; they say the leaders are not the problem, but it’s people; because we gave them the power to exploit us, they say we are afraid, so we scattered all over the world running from our problems. It is time we go back to the beginning and start all over than running in circles, it’s such a shame for us to suffer when we have everything in Africa to live better. Are they really wrong or are we scared of dying?

Violence failed us in the past, I never believed in violence but sees it as a setback, we are in a democracy, we must be active and seek justice legally, we are now in a new-age, let’s join hands together to strategize and use unity to fight for change. Think about your future, the journey will take time but surely worth trying, we might win by showing those leaders we are ready to make our world a better place for all to live in.

I don’t trust fighting through the back door, we should not use revolutionary language, instead be transparent, violence-free, no need to insults or disrespect the government. Disrespecting the old is not pure and will not solve the problems, that is a common law of life.

We should develop and seek the common good for everyone, especially the poor, orphans and less privileged, hiring Senior Advocate of Nigeria would help us fast track our grievances in courts. I know many are corrupt, but we will find some with integrity.

I believe in peaceful protest without political agendas and the government will get our message. They are not stupid but understand red-line. The United Nations (UN) or European Union (EU) will not solve Africa’s problems, no one will fight your battles or be your rescue, do not depend on a rescue, it might never come, let’s pay the price in unity and be free, we are the CHANGE.

Youths are the beauty of any country we should define our expectations without fear, we must be clear about every quest and transcend our struggle, It is important we follow this purpose in fairness and create a just society we aspire to live in, let’s grow, it begins with our thinking faculty.

Arise Nigerians! wake up, Africa.

Or are we cowards, as they claimed?

Everything is political. Be involved.

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