Asa: She’s magical. You captured my heart since 2007 after listening to Bibanke, jailer, and no one knows (they were my favourite songs in the album Asha) and Bed of Stone. Since then I paid close attention to all your songs. Coded with 528 Frequencies, draped with so much potential, it’s easy to relate with your songs, it has depth, a blend of powerful words and one can’t help but lose control in the melody of your voice. Listening to your songs is a beautiful experience.

Asa, you’re a gift to Africa and the World. I am grateful you followed your passion; I cried many times listening to you It took me out of the universe. I pray to meet you one day because I have a lot of questions to ask. You are unpredictable and the world knows. Your songs touch the soul, spirituality is high on your side so you stay away from many, and no one can fill your space. Africa is music and you’re the sound, not rushing after awards, always watching from far away even when you’re broken, I feel you; you knew the secrets, THE ORIGINAL.

Your music has depth and has a lot of influence on me and those who listen, the messages you send are so realistic. I have been writing to your manager Janet since 2015. Thank you, Asa, for changing part of me with your divine message and revelations, you are gifted and I wish you get the attention you deserve. Your songs can lead no one astray. People like you are rare. Congratulation on your Album (LUCID), I love it. 


Majek Fashek: His songs changed my perception about life; many of his messages came from the bible. They were pure songs. I advise you to believe Majek more than some wolves who call themselves men of God. I feel bad that I missed the opportunity to shake hands or take photos with him years ago when he came to a church in Benin City with Esama of Benin Kingdom. I would’ve cherished such a memory, I prayed for him to recover but life is a mystery and it’s unpredictable.

We should regard Majek in Nigeria and the World as a Prophet who saw the future and spoke of it, no matter what people say and appearance does not determine people’s heart or soul. His songs are like an ocean. He is a Legend. I believe God spoke through him many times. I categorize him like Marley, Lucky Dube and Fela, I pray he finds eternal rest. The Government should celebrate him. I was heartbroken early Tuesday morning 9:26 am when my brother Richard shouted “oh Majek Fashek is dead’’.

There was silence in my heart and I felt great sorrow on hearing this. I was more pained for not posting this article after writing it, which has been a long time ago, even if it’s not appreciated. I was waiting for a perfect time which never came so I had to re-edit. Majek songs live on; the only problem is Africans don’t appreciate sublime music and musicians. May his soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.


Jim Iyke: To be honest, the reason he became my number three was when everyone started saying I look like Jim. His bad-boy style made him more famous and someone asked me if I am not bad like him, I smiled and said reality’s different from what we see or hear on TV. They misunderstood his character. I believe Jim has a pleasant personality after I started listening to what he says now.

Change they say is a sure thing and I hope to meet him someday. After moving to Port Harcourt in 2008 to stay with my aunt, everywhere I go people call me Jim Iyke’s younger brother, I never stopped smiling and claiming some of his glories and I love his style. As years went by some also started calling me Kevin Hart when I travelled to Istanbul and I was wondering who I truly look like, Jim Iyke or Kevin Hart?


Rita Dominic: Your smiles are charming and admirable. I am not a movie person but I enjoy watching your movies, not because you were born on my birth month. I admire your humility and I notice you support your colleagues. I look forward to meeting you someday. You are my favourite actress in Africa and your fashion sense is amazing.


Brymo: I respect him so much he is so talented, but I think he hasn’t gotten the recognition he deserves. I know sometimes the best don’t shine, but it always lifts the few that hear from their sorrows. The world is strange because it doesn’t give a chance for positivity. If we can listen to his kind of music, we won’t be carried away, but the genuine ones are unknown.

Shine brighter, ASHIMI; you deserve many accolades. I pray to meet an Original like you one day. I borrowed a genuine message from J. Cole (The real been dying, the fake ones are lit, the Game is off-balance, money won’t erase the pain, money in your palm don’t make you real) shrinking reality.


Banky W: I am happy seeing you dedicate your time to politics. I know it’s your burning desire, and it’s a very positive move. Africa’s politics need to rearrange and elect unselfish minds like you who would work hard and bring change to its community, I pray you find your place. We should not be hiding away hoping the change will jump from the sky, am glad you woke up and made a change by chasing your political career and I admire your courage.

I hope the result in the last election doesn’t deter you; it shows there’s hope for Nigerian youths only if we are ready to try to not back down, we should never sit and expect things to be better when we don’t work. Do well as a politician. You have a humble spirit even as a musician. We need vibrant people in Nigeria politics, passionate about the country, and genuinely want to make a difference and push Nigeria forward. We should stop focusing on parties but individuals. Money should not be the priority but our conscience, stop the habit of collecting money from politicians during elections and expect a change. Let’s try to do a background check on people coming to govern us, we are not moving forward in Nigeria and Africa because of this mentality. I remember in 2015 during the presidential election, I and my friends in Benin voted for a political party even when we knew some were not good, I forced my best friend to vote for someone I wanted; I was biased and later regretted my actions.

I won’t make such a mistake in 2023, I will vote based on the individual and not party. We keep complaining about the corrupt government when we are to blame for the wrong choice we made. Let us accept young people like Banky into politics. He has a digital mindset. We have a long way to go except we change how we think. Mr Wellington I know you will win someday but please keep all your promises and I hope you never disappoint us when you get to power? Remain focus, bro.


M.I: He is one of the best rappers in Africa; you don’t brag, and that made you better. You’ve tried in the industry, still working hard and striving for more years. Bros M.I you don tey for the game, bigger and better you. I am thrilled for your positive vibes and fantastic lyrics. Thanks for always trying to live a responsible life; I also love your messages. You’re an intelligent guy, I respect and admire the Abaga’s, shout out to your brother Jesse jags. (Jehovah, One Naira, Nobody and Money are my favourite songs from you). You are the king of Rap, though time flies.

John Dumelo: I’ve always known what Dumelo sees for himself and for his country. I wish him good luck in his career, charity and political ambitions. Ghana needs his type of person in politics, someone who would understand the cries of the people. My prayer’s to meet you some day and talk about charity, let’s stand together and elects pure minds without greed, people who would invest in Africa. John, I know the journey won’t be simple as it seems, but you must keep pushing. God knows your intentions, you are a man of the people; I wish you well.

Nse Ikpe-Etim: You are intelligent and eloquent. I love your accent and personality.


2Face Idibia (King): Thank you for aborting the nationwide protest, at first I wrongly castigated you for not doing what you promised. Later I realized something deep. “BROS YOU GET SENSE”, they would have used you as a scapegoat and plot your downfall. We must protest for the common good, but not politically, the people were not honest, they wanted to change your honest protest for political gains.

I wrote more about it in my upcoming book. Thank God for having Ani as an adviser. Innocent Idibia, you’re a King who opened the way for the rest to follow. As a king make sure you let peace reign and remember the honest friendship from pure days, those you left are your genuine friends. You all made your decisions separating but do not forget to forgive, make peace and let go, remember your word, “NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, GROW HIGHER. I never forget “Plantashun Boiz – You and I”.

I wish you could be like Coldplay. No matter their differences, they stayed together, though I realized nothing truly stays the same. We say broken words on a silver platter. I miss the old days when we had loyal friends.


1. Runtown: Watch this guy closely.

2. Bisa Kdei is Ghanaian singer I admire his songs, it’s easy to relate to his message.  Grow bigger Bisa.

3. Basket Mouth: The funniest without exaggeration, keeping it simple. Bro, I love the flatmates, the entire crew are great, especially Buchi, Prosper, Titus, Mimi.

4. Eva: I admire your rap not because we are from the same state or my sister’s namesake, Elohor, but I get some of your messages, you are my best female rapper in Nigeria. Energy giver 11.

5. Yvonne Okoro: I am always melting watching your movies, I love your simplicity.

6* Adekunle Gold: You are a great messenger, so lucky for marrying your soul mate; I pray you and Simi grow old together.

7. Johnny Drille: you are good, please keep your style till the end and do not compromise.

8. Falz: Keep speaking for positive transformation in Nigeria, though I know it’s hard. Thank God you have a solid SAN as a father. I salute.


Thank you for reading till the end, but please don’t take it personally, we have brilliant actors and music stars in Africa, those on the list came became before the rest. My opinion, what’s yours?

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