Letter to Mr President 

Your excellency, Muhammadu Buhari GCFR, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. First, this is a reminder to remember the promises you made since being elected as a democratic president. Never lose focus on building a lasting legacy. I understand how hard you try but you have to loosen up and leave some certain things the way you met them, respect and obey the rule of law.
Our life span is short like the fall of snow, we won’t live here forever but if you can make a positive change before leaving office 2023, people will have you in mind for generations to come. We will not forget your name, it will be cherished as a diamond. Make an excellent decision.
I know making an impact in this world takes courage and time; you are encountering many obstacles, but I assure you God will guide and put you one step ahead. God brought you to change the nation, not just to govern and go, act differently from the rest who have come and gone. Focus on a few point agendas, POWER and AGRICULTURE. It’s shameful for a country as great as Nigeria to lack electricity and infrastructures to date. For any nation to succeed, power and food have vital roles to play.
Nigerians are suffering. We need Light, Security, even our educational system is in shambles and only the rich can afford quality education it ought not to be so. Sir, put more effort into Agriculture. Oil is not the only resource the Nation has, and it has contributed to corruption and betrayal. Invest in Agriculture because food Importation is killing the Nigeria Economy and with excellent policies, infrastructure and technology, the agricultural sector can generate more revenue for the Nation.
Do not allow yourself to be manipulated. You did well for closing all land borders and directed the CBN Governor Mr Godwin Emefiele to block food importations. It is time for us to patronize what we have than letting other countries take Nigeria as a refuse dump. It might be hard now, but in the long run, we will reap the benefits. The recent border control will help tackle some irregularities. That was an admirable move. Having a few point agendas is better than having many and achieving none.
Dear Buhari, I know you are doing your best in tackling corruption because we’re all wounded by politicians who were to lead us to the promised land but became blinded with greed at the detriment of the people we expect them to serve. It’s painful how much damage their selfish interests have caused. They have no principles and have betrayed those who called them to service. May God bless the few honest politicians who are there not to amass wealth but have the interests of their people at heart.
It is disgraceful the way our money is being stolen, but my advice for you is to leave the fight to the JUDICIARY, ICPC and the EFCC. Also, be fair to all and do not be selective of whom to prosecute or not. Treat the rich the way you treat the poor and treat the opposition party the way you treat those in your party, that is the only way to win a just war, there is not much time, focus more on your government and wisely manage what’s left. I admire your discipline. To be honest, social media should be regulated to avoid fake news but do not go too hard on freedom of speech because we are in a democratic regime. We need your honesty, you cannot fight this battle alone, you need all Nigerians. Thanks for working hard to reduce the looting but act as a democrat. Though things are complicated Insha Allah, you will succeed.
                                                                     THE YOUTHS
Sir, the Nigerian youths are not lazy, although I agree some have compromised and became corrupt by involving in crimes that have heavily tainted our Nation’s name. The suffering and frustration are too much, graduates are roaming the streets without jobs. The educational system has to improve to produce graduates that are very qualified and jobs created to apply their knowledge and improve the Country. I also believe we should not depend solely on Educational qualifications and we appreciate the government’s efforts in supporting vocational jobs and skills, but we need more.
We must respect the youths who work hard and are making positive influences in the Nation and even the world. We should pray for those who give in to temptations. Many have fallen along the way because of hardship and life’s pressure. I once fell and became shady, but it all changed when my soul began tormenting me.
Mr President, if your government can create more jobs, support small businesses and ideas of the youths in Nigeria, I assure you many youths will change and the crime rate will reduce.  Please do not be too hard on us; we are like your children. Temper justice with mercy and also give the youths opportunities to serve in the government. Nigeria needs the ideas and strength of the young, vibrant and honest Nigerian youths. May God give us the strength to change and live honestly.
                                                                      THE PAST AND FUTURE.
In 2015, I voted against you because I was not clear of your vision, but as time passed, I realized that I might have misjudged you. If I was opportune to be in Nigeria on the last presidential election, I would have voted for you because FOUR years is not enough to achieve your vision for Nigeria. Although the suffering in Nigeria is more than ever before we cannot blame you for all our sufferings. Change comes with a price, but you have to do things for the people and we need unity to move the country forward. Some people say 2023 is still far to think or talk about the next Presidential election, they are right and wrong because some are already lobbying now to succeed you. Do not fall for the sham loyalties or praises, ask God and your conscience what’s the best decision to take. It is necessary you do the right thing because we will judge you on Earth after 2023 and also on Judgment day if you pick the right or wrong person. 
In my assessment, Nigeria’s politics not balanced because the government is not rotating. You are the last man standing to bring us peace and unity. You brought peace to Nigeria for remembering Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola (MKO). The truth will always prevail. Legalising June 12 as the country’s official Democracy Day in honour of (MKO) as the presumed winner of the June 12, 1993, presidential election, you did not do it for the Yorubas but for the entire nation.
                                                                 ON THE VICE PRESIDENT 
Sir, permit me to remind you of something important, for your second tenure to be successful, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo GCON needs to remain in your government, you will achieve your dream to change Nigeria for the better. Do not allow some cabals to misinform you of his loyalty, Vice president Osinbajo is a man who wants you to succeed, remain with him till the end. Your dreams came through with him because God destined it to be so.
God always gives you vibrant men as Vice even from your military regime. You had a backbone Vice President Babatunde Tunde Abdulbaki Idiagbon, who helped you form important policies including War Against Indiscipline, I was told it worked. You have been trying to become a democratic president since 2003, but it only happened with Mr Osinbajo. Learn from the past, he is the right person for you, include him in all your strategies because he is a brilliant person. God gave you Mr Osinbajo for a wonderful reason, God has been good to you because he surrounds you with loyal people. Bear and stay with him, trust him more than everyone in your government because he is the number two person in the federation. Ignore every stone thrown at you, do not give in, they are attempting to distract you, do not forget your purpose as president, you are the one who will take us to the next level and you need your vice to achieve this.
Sir every past mistake has a lesson, do not allow others persuade you from your vision, be careful of people around you and never forget how former President Goodluck Jonathan was mis-informed and betrayed by the people he trusted with vital roles, they were dishonest people who brought down his government, he could not achieve much because of unprincipled people although he had good intentions. Your government should pay attention to the cries and suffering of your people. Do your best to give us a better Nigeria. We reelected you to finish what you started, remember your responsibility and get things done.
                                                                    ON 2023 ELECTION.
Ibos are not Nigeria’s problem, but they are part of the plan from the beginning. You should support and zone the presidency to South East in 2023. Investigate and pick an honest Ibo with no corrupt background as your successor, while the VP should go to the North-Central.  Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai is a man fit for the job, I admire his leadership. If you can give the Ibo’s the presidency, then you’ve changed history. Sir, you are a blessing in disguise, please do not allow the cabals to decide who succeeds you, make a magnificent name for yourself and family. It is better than all the wealth and power. I was sad when your daughter Zarah said they attacked her because of you, prove people wrong by making history as one of the best Nigerian presidents.
Mr President, I am writing this message to give my contribution. I am one out of millions of Nigerians living abroad but not happy about the situation in our beloved country because the majority are sad and wishing they were never from Nigeria and even regretted voting for you, do what you promised. They treat Nigerians differently everywhere in the world, other nations see us as people with no vision or destination, sir please make a lasting legacy, do what’s urgently needed for the country to move forward.
I know it won’t be easy for you but try your best, Liberate your people, ignore some certain advice from the western world, am not saying they are all bad but am saying you have to be wary of those who only speak for their selfish gains, they take more than they offer. Nigerians should solve Nigeria problems. Unity is possible, fairness is the key, make a difference with the time remaining and set a standard, all you need do is take one step in the right direction. This is my opinion and I believe am speaking the minds of many. I am not saying I am right or wrong, rather I urge you to put my message into consideration. Do not gamble with our destinies. God bless and see you through the challenges that lay ahead. God bless the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Do not fear, be different. Assalamu Alaikum.
Let’s not forget what matter is how our lives end. It is important we do right before leaving because life is short and we cannot prolong our days.
I am Julius Okiemute
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