Dishonest Organized Groups In Nigeria

1. Religious leaders: 95% are the fakest and dishonest people in the country, I know it sounds strange, but true, how can they preach about God when all you see around them is darkness? What we hear these days is money in the house of God. Built schools that the poor can’t attend and have fleets of jets cruising around the world, offer front sits to the rich; You are full of deception. How dare you speak of equality, are you not a politician in disguise? How are you a messenger of Christ when your ways are questionable? Sometimes ago I was facing trouble and hardship in life I had to call my closest spiritual leader, I told him the surrounding pressures how I am asked to compromise into fraud; I was expecting comfort from him to follow the light, to my surprise he said Julius God will bless you when you go back to cyber-crime, I couldn’t believe a man of God saw that vision, this was someone who preaches heaven and hell. They don’t care about salvation anymore, all they do is to see fake visions for them to eat your seed, politicians are their biggest customers in return to get billions and oil blocks. I know corruption is also in Islam, not as Christianity, which is turning into a business. My only advice to pastors and imams, REMEMBER YOUR MONEY WILL NOT FOLLOW YOU TO THE GRAVE. Thanks to the 5% who are preaching the true Gospel and not romancing politicians or the world, may God reward your integrity, I know it’s hard staying unstained, but never compromise.

2. Nigeria politicians: I know you would wonder why they didn’t come up first. Politicians are not the most corrupted people. They’re looters I agree but we gave them the power to fool us, we’re not united and always acting foolish so the politicians use that as an advantage. If we stay united and speak with one voice, then we shall see change, people who are speaking for us are the traitors, the religious leaders and the traditional… Let’s start speaking for ourselves than allowing some certain people. A woman asked me in Germany 2015, Julius, why do you people come to Europe to suffer while your country is among the richest in the world? I told her our politicians are thieves looting our wealth, then she laughed and said so what are you the people doing about it? I said we can’t do anything. Then she said oh lazy people, she asked again, if you see someone as corrupt can’t you kick him/her out? We argued for a long time, I agreed, people are the problem, not the government. We vote for someone who is not good enough, Even if they rigged elections, we can fight it, but my question is who’s ready to die? I do not hate anyone or claiming to be perfect but it’s high time we change our thinking, go to church or mosque but stop paying money to see God, because you won’t, listen to music and watch movies but don’t copy the stars, they’re only humans. Vote on every election but don’t do it because of the tribe or religion, do it for conscience’s sake. Your future depends on it.

3. Nigeria celebrities: These people supposed to be our role models but 99% became puppets of destruction. Our youths are trying to make it by all means because of pressure mounted on them by the so-called celebrities, these entities are double-faced, clapping for positive change when they are the ones encouraging corruption and fake lifestyles. They’re the friends of thieves and ritualist, if you have money then you automatically become their friend, we don’t respect or appreciate a hard-working Nigerian anymore, all we care about is see them have millions in accounts without caring how it came. Things have changed, ignorant’s increasing and life became harder, our celebrities only promote and sing your praise when you have money, integrity’s lost. When I was growing up, I love watching movies and listening to songs but now I am tired of seeing nudes, songs with no message, movies with no meaning just flashy things and sex that’s all. Check the people our celebrities follow and praise most of them are the same people they want the youths to hate, oh hypocrisy of the highest order. Too much competitions and hatred, how can you call yourself an angel of change when we only see destruction in you? be a good role model instead of making youths go into fraud because they want to be your friend, too many depressions because of the wrong messages you sent, you’re chasing material things to impress while you’re broken deep down, you no longer live freely. Who can be like Fela of our time? Or like Majek Fashek, Etc… If Nigerian youths are not careful with the ways they follow and praise overnight riches it would wash us away from reality, all we see now is get rich quick and come flaunt it on social media, we need to understand how dangerous and unhealthy it is for us trying to live more than our means. Discipline yourself on social media or run away before desperation gets to you.

It’s Deep mind control, Instagram is a place of strife and tribulation, be careful else you suffer alone. In the world, we now have the mentality of no money no friend. Don’t do crazy things just for likes, validation will take you no where people will move without you on social media so why proving what’s not there? Swag is temporary, They sell and buy love online.  Whatever you go in life remember there are consequences and the cost is high.

Let’s redirect our steps & stay real, none is perfect, there’s still a chance to make it right. We shall find the straight path to move forward.

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