A dose of some wise nuggets

                                                                   IT IS TIME

 I used to think we love for people to return our love but now I’ve realized it is more than that; you love without waiting to get it back because you might not.
Before I tried to impress and show people how much I love and need them, what I sent was fear.
Fear is valid and real. You must try to remember that with every step you take, but don’t let it define your choices.
I sang and danced my best, I waited, wishing they notice me but it never happened, people won’t see or listen when you try to show something. Sing and dance just to make yourself happy, not people.
I wrote messages, explained how special and important they are, but my messages were not read, it brought me pain and loneliness; I wanted the world to be fair; it broke me.
When you chase money, you might not find it, but design and chase your dreams by following every process. The sky will be your limit, believe before achieving.
 I used to think education is all about going to school or gaining results until I realized that good morality is the centre of it all, we can buy academic qualifications, not morals. Going to school is important, but the world would be better if we didn’t ignore morality where we respect one another without interfering in their affairs or beliefs. There would be peace when we don’t feel we’re wiser or better than others.
The world’s run by criminals, money and power is all they care about, they’ve used science to create havoc in our universe. Why create bombs for war? Why destroy the earth with pollution at the same time clamouring for climate change? The world needs peace it is our duty, to be honest, and not pretend; I love technology and its advancement, but we should be careful how we use it.
Science has drastically changed our universe, we must learn how to control it before it completely deceives us about the nonexistence of God.
 I don’t impress anymore, am now the man in the mirror, love your enemy, that’s the true law of nature.
Change the world, begin with you, then one person at a time.
I’ve become a tree who gives its fruits to anyone even if they forget to say thank you.
Don’t expect a change from people, they might never change, you be the change.
Never worry about tomorrow. You cannot tell if it will ever come, today is golden & tomorrow is not sure, live today as the last.
You can’t change the wind, be free like a bird, fly high like an eagle who waited so long for the wind thermal, even if you don’t know your final destination.
Excess money doesn’t bring 100% fulfilment. You can stay contented with less. I want you to change the way you see money and focus on your soul.
Without the Gospel, there’s no Salvation or the church or Christianity.
Don’t pretend or hide behind your looks and tricks. Stay authentic and unapologetic. Be you.
We need each other to move forward but do not force any to love or accept you, love comes from the purest part of our soul, though it’s rare.
When you desperately seek people’s attention, you might have it, but you become someone with no value.
Love yourself, sing, dance and be happy because the world sails without you, so why prove something?
Be a river, flow with the current, then the world will bend and pay attention.
One of our jobs on this earth as humans is to wake up, that is to be on alert
Death and birth are twins, walking on the same path, they are inseparable and we must accept them as one.
We are electrics
Love is not a choice, it’s a commandment
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