Keep Your Relationship Private

On the 25th of November, for some reasons, I was so angry at God. I entered the world and sought what I lacked; I messed up big time, but I learnt something important in the place I went.  Arriving there, I met some men and women talking deep things of life then something went wrong with the conversation. We heard things we shouldn’t hear in public; it was a secret; I started understanding why people’s marriages break, friends couldn’t keep the deepest secrets.
My advice to every married person is to keep your affairs to yourself, whether sweet or bitter, stop telling people your problems.
Do you feel they will solve it for you? HARDLY! Bad news spreads like wildfire, learn to bear and solve issues with your partner and ask God to come in. I looked at him and saw pain and sadness in his eyes; he never believed his closest friend would expose his weakness in such a shameful manner, he regretted revealing the problem between himself and his wife, he never thought he will be a ridicule  in public by his most trusted friend, he felt betrayed; deep wound.
They’re far older than me I was the smallest in their midst. I couldn’t say anything but I watched and listened carefully. Then the man said, in my next life, I will never share problems concerning my marital life with anyone, never will I tell people about my deepest problems no matter who they are, why do you have to disgrace me in public? I trusted you with my secrets as a close friend. Why the mockery? These were his words in the gathering. I felt his frustrations.

Ladies: Telling everything that happens in your home to people is risky. Please stop it while you can. We don’t know who to trust anymore, stop showing your problems on social media, so many homes got broken because of what we share. Don’t seek validation or pity from the world, they only sympathize in a moment, then chastise you when the tough time comes, no one will be with you in your storm, stay better or worse, support your man and make your home beautiful, every secret unveiled today will be against you tomorrow.


If you that owns a secret couldn’t keep it, how can you trust another man to keep it for you?
Men: Learn to forgive your partner, they are the weaker vessels; mistakes are inevitable, it must happen in every relationship because nothing is perfect but solving them makes you a winner, difficult times are unpreventable. What I saw that day inspired me to write this post, people won’t solve your problems, solve them yourself. Keep your personal life private, else they will mock you tomorrow when you do not learn today. I admire the man; He forgave his wife for her mistakes, though people saw it as foolishness, he let go because of love. 
For any union to succeed, forgiveness makes it possible. Forget the past, pursue and design the future, Forgive and don’t give up.
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16 thoughts on “Keep Your Relationship Private

  1. Nice and so inspiring..I’ve learnt something special today..this month it’s indeed blessed and divine. 😊 birthday month of abundant blessings.. Julius Okiemute,,”I Wish you more grace and strength to write more are so blessed..And a great hero of our time..Thanks alot.

  2. You keep getting better and better every time,,you are such a good writer I pray God Favour follow you all your days keep up the good work.

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