Most Africans don’t want other Africans in their countries and we complain of the west being racist when we are worse, the whites don’t hate themselves but foreigners; we are strangers and like aliens inside a failed structure; I feel the biting; It breaks my heart to see hatred amongst us instead of love; I wish you could see the havoc you’ve done, don’t speak of love when your heart’s crooked, amend your ways, Africa.
I urge Africans to improve and merge our broken nations. We can thrive better together, but we’ve deprived ourselves and become insufficient. The elites are greedy; they disappoint us; We worship and praise those who sold us out, it has turned us into beggars, our recklessness is killing our name and future. The West does not trust or accept things we give them but Africa approves everything they offer; It makes us look stupid. I hate short pleasure; I crave a wonderful destiny for Africans at home or away. Please, hands must be on deck, the fate of our youths are unpredictable, the future is here, we should further develop a stronger and unified Africa, the ridicule and humiliation is too high for us to bear, we have to revert the dreadful names they’ve given us overseas; they call us criminals, prostitutes etc even if some are that way because of the difficulties are facing, it’s time to separate from that negative narrative. We are Diamonds, our pursuit for nobility is untamed, we can shape and make our world a better place. We’re riddled with so much potential and greatness; I believe in Africa. I don’t believe we can only succeed abroad or it can only be better beyond our shores.
Africa is my blood and my heart, we must recall where we are coming from and design where we are going, home is important, (AFRICA IS HOME) we won’t stay here forever, things can be different, life is uncertain, we have to adjust how we think and how we see the future. Let’s end the conflicts; they laugh at us because we sold ourselves; we deceived ourselves for limited profits. How can we expect international communities to love us when we can not embrace our fellow brother or sister?  I cherish my country Nigeria and its people and I adore humans no matter the colour, race or destination; It is time for Africa to show the world we are strong, fearless and elegant; our uniqueness is priceless. Youths in Africa should stop comparison and jealousy. European youths are more united, it is not about who’s better or not but they have a common understanding. Why can’t we emulate that?; the sky is big enough for all to fly, we should sail together, time and success is moving without us because we are not paying attention but allowing wrong decisions into our lives, it is time for us to wake up from this xenophobia and division, killing will never solve our problems, the key to success on our journey on this planet is to have a clear plan. Too many killings make me fear and wonder what happened to us, my friends died in gun battles in Benin City because of our Ignorance, we segregate and see each other differently, your colour or secret society should not divide us, lets focus on rescuing our dying nations by uniting and having a common plan for tomorrow. The time has come for African youths in all 54 countries to change our philosophy and backward mentality. Don’t allow our diversity to destroy us, let’s stay together in love.
OUR FLAWED RELIGIOUS LEADERS: Religion is part of our problem, Religiosity is high in Africa especially in Nigeria, but we are low on spirituality and it is breaking us badly. We have big churches and mosques but am not seeing them do much to preach love and unity amongst us, rather what most of the leaders do is show us how powerful and rich they are, the rest of the world is mocking us. We serve God from Monday till Sunday at the same time hate each other; we are the problem to ourselves and it’s no lie. Pastors, we know you are politicians in disguise but please do not play politics with the lives of your followers, have the fear of God. Preach love and hell rather than bragging of properties you gained with hypocrisy. Even if you won’t allow the poor to attend your universities or cruise with you on your jets, what about you helping when urgently needed?  There were serious issues in Libya and recent killings in South Africa, thanks to the CEO of Air Peace, Allen Onyema, who out of sympathy saved many lives. You did little or nothing but when it’s time for politics and elections; We see you seeking a space in all political parties in pretence, change before you die in your deceits. It’s painful I have to talk about our religious leaders but I have to do it because you don’t practice what you preach, can a well-known pastor in Africa swear with the bible for not involving in the downfall of its nation? You collect big money from your political friends and enrich yourselves; I don’t expect you to be poor but please have the fear of God and see what’s happening around you, stop planning mega crusades and programs without Holiness. Please, sir/ma serve by example like Jesus did and practice what you preach. Matthew 23.3 (Romans 2.20-24)
IMAMS: Why not use your voices to preach love and unity and remind your followers how Prophet Mohammed lived a selfless life, am not a Muslim, but I read some scriptures in the Quran how he lived a true life,  Muhammed could express love and spread it around him?  His tenderness and affection touched many and his Companions loved him with an intense, profound, and extraordinary love, he loved non-Muslims but because of greed, Islam is turning into politics for personal gains. Riches is not the ultimate in building peace and love. Religion wounds us, there’s still time to change and do what’s needed. Preach love across Africa, religion has a vital role to play, it has power even more than the government to transform its members. 70% of Africans are religious, whether you are Christian or Muslim represent what you speak of, I don’t speak against Christianity; I don’t speak against Islam but I am speaking against any African who has lost its value and on a pursuit of separatism. Holy Quran 2:208
We Are Stronger Together
TO OUR GOVERNMENTS: Please remember the future of your people and never neglect the vow you made, keep your promise to be the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Let’s reshape Africa, we have the potential and capital for this remarkable change; we are long overdue
To love another person is to see the face of God.—Victor Hugo
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One thought on “UNITY: AFRICA’S PANACEA!

  1. This is a very honest and profound write up, I believe if many African leaders are really patriotic; have genuine love for their countries, Africa will definitely advance, but it’s so sad that there are all there for selfish reasons and the state of the country is the least of their problems, which is one of the reasons we are the way we are

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