Wherever you may be on the planet, this is a reminder to where you are going, God gave you power as a beautiful human, your looks or colour doesn’t matter, there’s something deeper than that, “YOUR SOUL” find it. Life is unpredictable it made us lose hope, being aware is the greatest enlightenment than any lack, money, fame, cars, all those material things are never the answers to everything, our spirit’s broken by all these things. When growing up I thought to get whatever things I want will bring me happiness and joy but it shattered me, I chose the wrong way, it led me astray, I saw life differently until I realized that I was an illusionist. The world is polluted and destroyed because we try to gain superiority, even some leaders of the earth know they are chasing an unjust cause, Race or Religion should never be a problem but we made it so; God created us different colours, ONE PEOPLE. I know things about the world overwhelm us. Social Media, Materialism, what we see or hear should not mislead us, it’s an illusion, they don’t last. “KNOW THE TRUTH” it shall set you free forever, Love everyone no matter where they come from, love is the resolution.
Do not worry about tomorrow everything would be fine, be optimistic, live an honest life even if you are imperfect, do your best and leave the rest to God, some people are in jail, some are sick, some are lonely, hungry and homeless, but what about those who are dead? You have breath be thankful and accept things as they are, life remains a mystery. Each day listen to your soul, you are a blessing to this world, always pray for grace to move forward, God was merciful to Abraham, he will have mercy for us to find a way home, follow the true path, when you do then your heart would be open to seeing the universe far deeper than you would ever imagine. Even if you lose everything never give up or lose yourself, faith will take you through all tough times, keep believing, hopeful. As I go through life, I accepted my mistakes and learned from them; I love people irrespective of who or how they are; I gave up the urge to gain material things or forever lose my soul; I accept LIFE and its disappointments as a blessing, the right way does not require money, you will see beyond the eyes could see, troubles and suffering are part of life, even in trials, dedicated your heart for humanity, submit to the process God will not forsake you, your life is a book, keep opening every page with care, you are the light of this world; you can navigate. I lost myself countless time, but I kept pacing and going on track, even though I fear but there’s something around always guiding us through the darker days,  have patience, life is short as the falling of snow nothing last forever. I created this blog to give a message of hope to anyone who’s experiencing life’s troubles; you are not alone never give up even when you fall, remember your infinite power;  you’re chosen I know the road is narrow sometimes, and you feel lost, you will find your way; you are a testimony do not doubt; the world needs your love. God is not black, God is not white, God is your soul, God is Love, Love You and Love Your Neighbors.
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10 thoughts on “Love

  1. Wow…lovely inspirational words to stir up d inner man in every one …for those who have lost hope nd thinking nutin good can come out of u…dis words is for u…it is never too late to achieve your dreams just keep striving and believe in God

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