The Lost Way

  • August 10th walking to a church at Porta Nuova in Torino, I saw a shirtless young African man sited on the floor with a cup begging, looking so pale and dirty people passing and shifting away from him, I went close and drop money just to put a smile on his face, even while I was suffering,  tears almost fell from my eyes because I saw hopelessness in him, pride made me hold myself, the tears never came, I wept in my soul as I walked to pray, getting there, the church’s locked I had to turn back. On my way back I couldn’t find him where I had met him, I thought maybe he went to get food with the money I gave him, until I saw him in front of me coming towards my direction, he’s already bought marijuana, smoked passed with his malnourished body, I regretted giving money to someone I felt pity only for him to use the money for self destruction. He is sick, frustrated and lost his way, I wish families in Africa understand what we go through abroad, some never found the life they were searching for, we left our countries and found suffering, some of us need drastic rehabilitation. 

  • It is important for our African governments to never forget its citizens overseas; I have seen a lot of my Africans brothers and sisters who are homeless and helpless, they all came abroad for greener pastures, to make life better for families left back home, but as you know sometimes, life doesn’t always go as planned, affected and abandoned, we forget counting them as one of us because of shame, they’re robbed of the future,  living in the past’s darkness, it has pulled them back with no life purpose, they could not walk through the valley, so many shadows of death all around them, it’s so difficult for them to see the vision of the harvest because they feel lost.  These are people who left Africa with so many pictures of the future, it never happened, sad reality is what they now have,  All is not well, and I can’t help, the only thing I can do is send the word out I believe our government will hear, I am appealing to everyone in all the 54 countries of Africa to please remember your people; home or away, do something about the future, I advise you request the return of those abroad, sick and suffering, other than roaming the street unwell with no medical attention, rescue them back home and rehabilitate, hope might still be in them, every life matters.   
  • This is for Luke who roams around the city of Turin with no destination and to Sandra who sleeps under the bridge. May God protect you in this cold weather. I feel your pain. 


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12 thoughts on “The Lost Way

      1. bitter truth I really do appreciate this our government really need to do something quick cause so many people has really pass through the shadow of death not even darkness and they are still passing through it were the devil can pick them up at his own willing time nd roast them,I pray God open the inner eyes of the Government and make them see the right thing to do only with that will all this crisis stop,. cause Lucky and Sandra won’t be caught up in the shadow of darkness if only their Government show them LOVE AND COMPASSION…

  1. I imagine your pain boss
    In life everyone needs someone to survive, we pray for grace every day and sometimes things aren’t going the way we plan them but that doesn’t make us weak but stronger ..we shouldn’t give up but keep struggling until achieve that goals we have all been fighting and praying

    Alot of people need to see this and educate themselves from this ..

  2. A touching and appealing write up, but the truth remains that we have more frustrated Africans at home than abroad and the government cares less, so bringing them back home will make the matter worst. We feel their pains wherever they maybe.

    1. I understand the pains bro and quite i agree with you, but these people I talk about, some are not mentally stable and it’s difficult seeing them suffering on the street without attention. Thanks so much bro Basil for checking my blog.

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